Today's Forum for Nov. 13/14

"Is there anyone who hasn’t figured out why Trump is frantically trying to stop documents relating to Jan. 6 from being made public?"

"You people who keep ridiculing Donald Trump are reminded of a few of his major achievements while in office. We had the lowest unemployment in history along with the lowest Black and female unemployment, destroyed and killed ISIS and its terrorist leaders, lowest crime rate in recent history, energy independence, built the border wall and were controlling illegal immigration, and created the largest tax reform in history. Now look what a mess our country is in with Joe Biden."

"Good luck in recruiting those young professionals to Dalton, when they figure out that it’s in the congressional district that elected Marjorie Taylor Greene."

"So those lunatics that run San Francisco are going to start requiring vaccine passports for little kids. Well, the price of renting a U-Haul in California just went up another $500-$600."

"The GOP victory in Virginia was a great starting point, but it's going to take the same thing to happen in many more states in order to send the Democrats a strong message that Americans will not tolerate government by administrative decree or presidential edict."

"You may take away the All-Star game from Atlanta, but you cannot take away the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series."

"I've said this before about the Braves and I'll say it again: A blind hog can find an acorn every now and then."

"So when the Braves don't re-sign Freddie Freeman, and Austin Riley goes over to first, who's on third? A little throwback to Abbott and Costello."

"Capitalism is what made this country great. Socialism will just destroy it."

"Joe Biden and his colleagues in the Senate and the House Democrats, their slogan is 'Build Back Better' America. How's that working out for you guys?"

"I just paid $17 for lamb that was $14 six days ago. If this president we had would get out of his Air Force One and go in the grocery store he might know what's going on with the price of things."

"My two daughters came home to visit with me, their mother, from Texas. While here, my oldest daughter got sick and had to be hospitalized. The emergency room, the doctors, the nurses were all so good to her and worked hard to find out her problem. I cannot forget the cleaning crew to keep the hospital so clean. Thanks to all of you and anyone I missed. She was in room 2172 so you know who you are. She went back to Texas, to Houston, to follow up with her doctor. Also, her sister worked at Hamilton Medical Center and Dalton College 25 years ago so she was amazed with the changes and was very impressed with her sister's care. Thank you so much for my daughter's care, and thank you to all the people who contribute financially to our hospital. We can be very, very proud."

"Many restaurants have now opened up inside service. Thank you. I think the drive-thru service should be an option for those that need it, but the inside service should be mandatory. These businesses that refuse to open their indoor dining and only the drive-thru, I will not eat there."

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