Today's Forum for Nov. 17

"If you think chanting 'Let’s go Brandon!' at church is remotely a Christian act, I feel sorry for your soul."

"Note to mail carriers: Just because you can cram it into the mailbox doesn't necessarily mean the recipient can get it out. I received a package today that took a screwdriver, meat fork and box cutter to extract from the box. Please take that extra minute and bring it to the door."

"The supporters and aides of Vice President Kamala Harris recently stated that they are worried Joe Biden and his team are ruining her political future. The reality is she doesn’t really have one anyway."

"To the entitled reader who refuses to use a drive-thru, those restaurants that closed their indoor dining don't want you there anyway! I can't imagine having such a bad attitude that I would boycott a restaurant just because I can't sit inside, order teenagers around and make a mess for them to clean up. That's really what you're saying: 'I don't eat at a place where I can't boss someone around and have them serve me.'"

"I researched libraries and unfortunately with the rise of technology, libraries are becoming a thing of the past. That doesn’t and shouldn’t happen here!"

"Thank you, President Biden, for signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law! Instead of wasting millions on that joke of a wall, this will truly do this country some good, like updating electrical grids, getting rid of lead pipes and cleaning up polluted waste sites that have been making people sick, bringing high-speed internet to those of us out in the boonies and repairing worn-out roads and bridges everywhere. Finally, something good out of Washington. Kudos to the Republicans who helped pass it, proving they had the guts to actually help fix America, and that they aren't Trump weasels."

"I want to know what the reason is for Fort Mountain State Park not having a cell tower where people can make phone calls. Sometimes someone may need to call emergency services and have no cellphone service at the park. Let your imagination determine how that scenario ends. Could this situation happen to you? Think about it."

"I think some of the high school teams from South Georgia could beat Matt Ryan and the Falcons."

"Thank you to the American Legion, Elks Lodge, police and fire departments, Shriners and sponsors of the Dalton Veterans Day parade last Saturday. And a very special thanks to the Northwest Whitfield High School band, students and faculty that were there in the cold weather to honor our veterans."

"I need help! I lost my recipe for iron skillet fudge. I know it has butter, sugar, cocoa and milk but how much of each one? Can anyone help me with my recipe? Thank you."

"To the person that wants to ban carbon-based fuels during their lifetime, do they want to go back to the Dark Ages?"

"Marjorie Taylor Greene represents you better than most of the representatives you've ever had."

"Millions of millions of millions of dollars are being spent in Whitfield County. Why can't there be some buildings be built for the elderly somewhere? This is ridiculous. We are old and fragile and we deserve a place to live that is really nice."

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