Today's Forum for Nov. 19

"Gee, this liberal would really love to find some of these 'limousine liberals.' I've never had the opportunity to ride in a limousine and I'd like to do that."

"Poor, victimized Rod Miller signing up to run in an election that does not recognize party affiliation has succeeded in firmly joining ranks with the former president by writing a hate-filled letter to the public about how hateful the winner of the election and their supporters mistreated him. Instead of making it all about him, he could have wished the city well and offered to help the city in some way by volunteering or something, but blew off that opportunity in a poorly disguised effort to safe face."

"Glad to see Rodney Miller understands how I felt when I ran for office in this county and faced intimidation and even website hacking. It was Republicans who did it to me."

"Exactly how does Marjorie Taylor Greene represent us better than anyone ever has? She doesn’t have a seat at the table. Nobody takes her seriously. We are being represented by a toddler. Someone could stand outside Congress with a sign that says 'You can’t tell me what to do' and accomplish exactly as much as she does without ever even being elected. Her only success has been with personal fundraising. She’s basically being paid to serve herself and make headlines."

"Despite Marjorie Taylor Greene voting against the infrastructure bill the money is on the way. So, if the road in front of your house doesn’t get fixed blame the Republicans who are running Georgia’s government and don’t let Gov. Kemp take credit again for something Biden did."

"Michael Reagan's ‘Yes Virginia, Donald Trump finally got it right’ on Nov. 17 is so true. Trump is narcissistic through and through! He’s all about himself, has to steal the show, and being the center of attention is what a narcissistic person does. Trust me, we have one in our family. He has to steal the show every time no matter what by making it about himself!"

"So after those hundreds of private jets spewing CO2 arrived in Glasgow for the climate summit, they left Glasgow spewing more CO2 without the single most important deal required, which is China and India agreeing to eliminate coal use for energy production. This is no surprise since coal provides cheap energy which their economies need to grow. By the way, none of the three U.N. goals for the summit were achieved."

"The developed world is dependent on fossil fuels. It's eye-opening to Google 'everyday household and grooming products made from fossil fuels,' not to mention 'medical supplies and devices.' Regarding energy production: Barring technological breakthroughs in battery storage and carbon capture or society's willingness to reconsider nuclear energy, fossil fuels will be around for a long time."

"Celebrating a murder, by malice or in self-defense, is sick."

"How does a baseball manager who got fired finish third in the National League Manager of the Year voting while the manager who won the World Series finishes fourth?"

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