Today's Forum for Nov. 2

"A Forum contributor said you find Trump supporters mostly in uneducated sectors of the South. Are you talking about Dalton? What an insult! Just because someone has a different political viewpoint as you doesn't mean they don't have an education."

"Why do the people here who claim to hate socialism and taxpayer-funded government handouts so much have their PPP loans forgiven? They know that's public information, don't they?"

"To support his spend and tax bill, Biden pointed out that America was one of the few 'free' world countries that did not have tax-payment-funded family leave. He is correct since many businesses take on this cost — not a government responsibility. But let's point out the fact that we are 'free' because we fund a strong defense deterrent not only for us but for many other nations. Point being, other countries can pay for other services while we pay to protect them. We had this conversation a few years back but did not hear."

"When I read 'The same people who were apoplectic when Black folks peacefully marched ...' I almost spilled my coffee. Those 'peaceful marches' caused about $2 billion in riot damages. What rock have you been blissfully hiding under?"

"I read the candidate profiles on the Dalton Board of Education race and came away thinking that whichever candidate holds office, Dalton will be the real winner. Gentlemen, thank you both."

"It was refreshing to read Dick Yarbrough’s column regarding Donald Trump’s comments about Colin Powell. Will 'Trumpsters' ever see how disrespectful he is of all people including his 'fellow' Republicans? Happy Mr. Yarbrough pointed out how classless the former president is.

"Just when you think Joe Biden had reached a limit on being chaotic and unhinged, he then announces that he is going to give $450,000 each to some illegal and undocumented immigrants."

"If I was a commissioner, I would require all department heads to cut their budgets by 10%. This would make it easier on everybody, especially the homeowners on their property taxes."

"I don't know why all of these sportscasters are so big on Baker Mayfield. He's not that good. I mean, they hyped him up when he was in college and Georgia played his team when they were in the Rose Bowl and beat him like a drum. I don't understand it."

"If school boards are going to start intimidating parents for doing their parental duties, then it's time to abolish school boards in all 50 states and come up with an alternative means for running all of the schools."

"All of these liberal judges who are refusing to block vaccine mandates are in the pockets of the liberal politicians who appointed them or got them elected. It's always been the way it works in big cities. Some things never change."

"I wish Joe Biden would do America a big favor and stay overseas."

"It would be good for the Forum readers to also read John Stossel in Friday's paper."

"I saw on the news where World Series tickets were going for $900 a pop. If that's not price gouging then I don't know what is."

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