Today's Forum for Nov. 20/21

"Nov. 17 was three years since I lost my brother, 30-year veteran Sgt. Maj. Jerry Wilson, Army. Only like it was yesterday and I still tear up every time I think about him, I thank him for his sacrifice, for being away, and I ask all to honor our veterans. If there's ever a time to come together, this is the time. He also spent nine years with the state of Georgia as a DNR ranger. I'm very, very proud of him. The only brother I had. Went to his grave yesterday and carried a big red, white and blue wreath. Thank him and all of the veterans. God bless us all."

"Folks, you don't have to leave to go to the mountains to see the fall leaves. Just take a trip around the city of Dalton and you'll see beautiful trees everywhere. This has been a great fall."

"Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to be around for a while. She is a voice in the wilderness and it would behoove some people to at least listen to her."

"I was dismayed to find out that Michael Reagan has joined the likes of Dick Polman and John Micek. It would be interesting to know who 'got to' him so he could keep his job."

"A shoutout to the voters of the Commonwealth of Virginia."

"Flying in a commercial jetliner was intended to be a luxurious experience. You are not supposed to be herded like cattle on the way to the slaughterhouse. If everyone would boycott the airlines for one week it would bring them to their knees. Moreover, the additional congestion on the interstates from everybody driving their cars and rental cars would so bog down the interstate that the government would be forced to throw all of the rules out of the window. Additionally, if people had been willing to do this 20 years ago after 9/11 we wouldn't still be having the problem to deal with today."

"I get so mad when I read about all of these projects and all of this money being spent on downtown, renovations, parks, soccer fields and things. Meanwhile, our pathetic post office on Thornton Avenue and Crawford Street sits there waiting for people to come to wait in line and not get killed in the parking lot."

"An infrastructure bill could have been passed without all the pork attached to it. Somebody has to pay for all of it. Any guesses about who that would be?"

"Why can't we have an infrastructure bill that just does infrastructure?"

"This message is to President Biden. President Biden, I am a Vietnam veteran. When can I get my $450,000 for being away from my family?"

"Welcome to socialism, Democrats! Are you happy? Skyrocketing gas prices."

"How many of us remember when Carter became president and the cost of heating went sky high? Many, including myself, bought a power saw and figured out a way to have wood for heat. Thanks to Biden, we are headed back to that same way."

"I was wondering, do we have a vice president? Because she's never in the public's eye. She's just there. Obviously, she's not been doing a thing and has not been with him. When she is, she doesn't say anything, he won't let her talk."

"All these Trump haters and all these Biden haters, it should be one — one nation. Why do we have to be Democrats or Republicans? I have a problem with the entire system."

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