Today's Forum for Nov. 21-22

"The city has a new, yellow claw which picks up trash on the street. I call it 'The Jaws of Trash.' The men who operate it are friendly, helpful and efficient. We are lucky to have them in our city's employ."

"By simply not encouraging Americans to protect themselves and others by wearing masks, Trump cost himself the election."

"If you haven’t read Walter Williams' column in Wednesday’s paper you should. He states that perhaps the reasons for poor grades can be attributed to home life. Lack of help with homework, a good night's rest, breakfast and being taught to mind the teacher are a few of the things mentioned that affect a child’s learning ability. True or racist? You decide."

"So sad we have to use school resources to feed and clothe children. Somehow we need to address the real problem of people having children they can not support. We need to let these people know of their irresponsibility: a little tough love."

"Admin 1 is gone, and downtown Dalton already looks nicer. Time for some TLC for Admin 2!"

"John Stossel has fallen victim to a common problem: all of the issues he lists are things we worked hard to fix, so the worst case scenario never came true. He's basically accusing his gas gauge of being alarmist because every time it gets near empty he spends the money to fill it up, so what's to worry about?"

"The fact that only a handful of senators are speaking out against Donald Trump's tirade might lend credence to the suggestion that there is more than one Russian in the White House."

"Georgia is blue, love ya."

"Thanks to Stacey Abrams for working since 2018 to make the election fair and inclusive. A citizen of truth."

"Stacey Abrams has spent the last two years working nonstop to counter Georgia's unfair voting practices, winning several lawsuits and forcing Georgia to add back 200,000 voters they illegally removed from the rolls. Her organization has spent millions registering voters, encouraging mail-in balloting and in general making sure every Georgian that can vote, does. That's why the Democrats believe the election results."

"Yes, you are correct and Stacey Abrams did not concede the 2018 gubernatorial race to Brian Kemp. Maybe it was because Kemp was still the secretary of state and running the election that he won. Abrams did not ask for a recount and did admit 10 days later that Kemp 'will be certified as the victor.' At the time, Kemp’s communications director, Ryan Mahoney, called the non-concession a 'disgrace to democracy.' Sigh."

"I hope every Republican realizes it was Mitch McConnell refusing to pass a second stimulus that cost Trump the election. If every American in October had received a second check with Trump’s name on it he would have won easily. Mitch made sure that didn’t happen because as a swamp dweller he not so secretly wanted Trump to fail."

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