Today's Forum for Nov. 23

"Anyone forget the Civil War yet? I was assured this would happen if the Johnston statue was removed."

"I can remember when people used leaf rakes instead of leaf blowers, which produce one of the most irritating noises known to mankind."

"The age-old question begs to be asked of Marjorie Taylor Greene with only a slight difference, 'What have you done for Whitfield County lately?' Well, not anything that I can surmise. She voted against the infrastructure bill which would bring needed money to our county for repairs, broadband, roads and much, much more. She 'outs' others who had the good sense to vote to confirm the bill, all in the name of owning the libs! Folks, we deserve better than this. Please stop giving her your hard-earned money. She doesn’t care about you, she’s just building a war chest!"

"For culture war conservatives, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the perfect politician. No policies, no ideas, no interest in anything. Just hate and performative outrage. Simply making the people they don't like mad is good enough for them."

"The manager snub is the same messed-up reasoning that has kept one of if not the greatest of all times out of baseball and the Hall of Fame. It is called who has the money. Pete Rose is way past due, and all the steroid Joes should have asterisks by their names. Pete was naturally great."

"You and I may like some or all parts of the Build Back Better bill that narrowly passed the House. But let's not fool ourselves. The Democrats played fast and loose with creative accounting to reduce the cost of the bill and claim it will be fully paid for. How? By building in sunset dates for the 'free stuff' and paying for it over a long period. Did you understand all this 'free stuff' is scheduled to expire? In reality it won't because it will be politically unpalatable. In reality, the cost is trillions higher than we're being told."

"Thank you, President Biden, for lowering gasoline prices."

"There is nothing more that screams ignorance than Republicans blaming Biden for the rise in gas prices but I guess that's why they vote that way."

"Flying in a commercial jetliner is a luxurious experience, if you are willing to pay for it. If you are looking for the cheapest flight you're basically taking a Greyhound bus in the sky and you should expect that level of service."

"Yet again Walnut Avenue and Chattanooga Avenue are the Dalton roads with the most crashes per month. Yet again failure to yield caused many of these crashes. Yet again nothing is mentioned about actions to help mitigate this ongoing problem. Do any members of the Public Safety Commission ever even ask what's being done?"

"Every time I see a Georgia state flag, I am amazed at how similar it is to the one that flew from 1920-1956. The only difference is that the blue field is shorter and a circle of stars was added."

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