Today's Forum for Nov. 24

"Could we please get a grocery store in the old Food City building on Cleveland Highway? We sure could use one besides Kroger. An Ingles would be good."

"I wish everybody that won't take the COVID shot and spreads it around would have seen my sister before she died of COVID. That was a terrible, terrible death. Please get your shots."

"I would love that when President Biden is giving one of his prepared speeches that the teleprompter goes out. That would be funny as heck."

"I just want to say congratulations to Dalton Public Schools for giving the teachers a $1,000 bonus. That is awesome! They work hard and they certainly deserve it."

"I saw where city schools are giving the teachers a $1,000 bonus because they're stressed over COVID. My wife and I are 84 years old. All four of our kids and all 10 grandkids are out of school and our city school tax this year is $3,800. I'm stressed about that. Can they reduce the school tax to help out people?"

"OK, this is what I think the American people want. We want good healthcare. We want lower utility bills, lower gas bills. We want to pay less at the grocery store. And we want plenty of jobs and good roads. Why can't the people in Washington see that?"

"For CBS to have the broadcasting rights for the SEC, the best conference in the nation, they're doing a poor job of showcasing them."

"To all you people who took the time to call in a response to my comment on the subject of why I have chosen to live in an apartment for 50 years, the lady or man that had the best response was the one that closed with the comment 'You can't have your cake and eat it, too.' No, you can't. But you can darn sure try to."

"The reason why gas prices are so high is the people of America travel too much."

"To all you climate change advocates who want to eliminate coal and fossil fuels, what are you going to use to generate electricity?"

"I pulled into Helton Tire with auto trouble. They immediately and courteously jumped on the situation and had me back on the road in an hour. Dalton is so fortunate to have a professional team of people under that leadership that will take the time to accurately assess and fix the problem. Thank you Helton Tire, and thank you for being a great team that wants to work to solve problems."

"It's a good thing Congress can't fire the Cabinet because Biden would have zero Cabinet if they could."

"I saw the reason our mail is delivered at different times during the day. They have to walk packages too large for the box to the door. It was 5:30 p.m. and the mailman had already walked to three houses on my street. When I told him thank you he told me he was very tired. We put up a larger box for big packages. Thank you, mail people."

"Oh, come on, people. Marjorie Taylor Greene is only out for herself. That's it."

"Don't put down the teams in South Georgia in either football or basketball. They have some super good teams. By the way, Stetson Bennett, the quarterback for the University of Georgia, is from Blackshear, Georgia, a little town not too far from the Florida line."

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