Today's Forum for Nov. 26

"Closing down social media would go a long way into solving a lot of the world's current problems. If people had to go back to written communication and personal phone calls they would be a whole lot less likely to make a threatening or a mean-spirited remark. Idle time is in the devil's hands."

"Is Liz Cheney a RINO because she knows that the 'Big Lie' is the actual big lie or is it because she knows the difference between tourists and insurrectionists? If the Republican Party hadn’t lost its integrity it would be proclaiming her a hero."

"What would have really been funny is if Trump's teleprompter went out. All he would have known to talk about would have been himself, but wait, that's all he did anyway."

"To the retiree who thinks school taxes should not be their problem: Your children certainly benefited from the taxes of those without children when they were in school. And those child-free people benefited from your children not becoming uneducated. Also, I assume at least some of those grandkids will have kids. So, technically, there is a never-ending line of humans you are responsible for putting on the Earth that will benefit from a public education. And even if you never had a child, an educated citizenry benefits all of society."

"This is for whoever wrote that vicious comment about Rod Miller. It's high time we had some new blood in there that thought of the average person, not just all these infernal parks and hiking trails. The other people pay taxes all these years, too. I voted for Rod Miller and I will certainly vote for him again."

"I see that all of our local representatives in the Georgia statehouse are all in on gerrymandering. The fact that democracies exist only when they conduct fair elections doesn't seem to matter."

"You can heap insults on Marjorie Taylor Greene all you want because the Constitution gives you the right to freedom of speech. MTG was 'canceled' by Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives for using her constitutional right to free speech. She is being denied her right to represent the people of this district."

"To all you Marjorie Taylor Greene bashers, I'll take her any day over a Maxine Waters, a Kamala Harris, a Chuck Schumer, a Nancy Pelosi or a Pete Buttigieg."

"If you've never seen a deer in headlights, just watch Joe Biden when he is reading from a teleprompter."

"If Joe Biden wants to know the reason for high gas prices, all he's got to do is look in the mirror."

"So what if Aaron Rodgers lied about the COVID shot? Everybody in Dalton has lied about something in their life, including me. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

"ESPN radio on 95.3 is really high on Matt Ryan and I can't understand why."

"I found the Forum last Friday to be very boring. All it was about was government, government. There are other things I'm sure people have called in about. It's interesting to see a variety of things, not just government all the time. I'm so tired of reading about that as I'm about seeing all those commercials on TV about Medicare."

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