Today's Forum for Nov. 5

"OK, all you Atlanta Braves bashers, World Series final game a shutout! Go Braves!"

"This just in — Jorge Soler's home run just landed in Louisiana. Go Braves!"

"The idea that because you are bored or have to follow a pretty standard company policy during a worldwide pandemic gives you the right to be unruly or abusive towards anyone pretty much sums up the problem with people today."

"Has-been celebrities in their twilight of fame cheapen their images when they peddle reverse mortgages, walk-in bathtubs and Medicare Advantage plans nonstop on TV."

"The only reason we keep seeing Donald Trump on TV is that the news media wants to keep everything stirred up with the elections being rigged because that's all he talks about."

"To the person blaming the airlines for the misbehavior of passengers, is it also the school’s fault when your kids misbehave? What utter nonsense. This is why America is in a shambles. It’s not the fault of any politician. It’s on us. We have decided as a society that the only thing that matters is what we want. If someone doesn’t allow us to make up the rules as we see fit, or doesn’t do things our way, we throw a temper tantrum. Just a bunch of whining toddlers."

"In Tuesday's column, John Micek states that Democrats have seemingly forgotten that 'voters sent them to Washington last November with a mandate to get big things done.' Biden won with 51.3% of the vote. Democrats lost 13 seats in the House, barely holding their majority. The Senate is split 50-50. What mandate?"

"I'm all for progressive John L. Micek's enthusiasm for carrying out the great Democratic 2020 'mandate' only if he is willing to pay for most of it."

"The Democratic mantra is 'the rich need to pay their fair share.' If they believe the rich are not paying enough, why is Nancy Pelosi sneaking a big tax deduction for the rich back into the now pared down social spending bill? I'm speaking of the $10,000 SALT deduction imposed by Trump and crew which raised taxes on the rich who own multiple homes and buy a lot of expensive stuff. But high tax states such as New York, New Jersey and California are pressing to have it rescinded. Hmmm ..."

"Republicans really suck at 'white supremacy.' Virginia Republicans elected a Black female as lieutenant governor and a Cuban-American as attorney general."

"There is no doubt about it now, Joe Biden and his administration have become a complete failure and so is his agenda. The Democratic Party has buried their heads so far in the sand that they can’t tell reality apart from delusion. They think the country can be run like an Ivy League classroom and as a result the party is in a continuous downward spiral."

"Teaching of critical race theory in public schools is a Republican propaganda scam designed to generate white fear."

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