Today's Forum for Nov. 6/7

"Micek comparing president No. 46 to Hannibal is delusional."

"Varnell liquor sales passed with the difference made by 18 voters who chose to show up Tuesday. Excited to see business and revenue come to Varnell!"

"Yes, let’s teach about Gen. Johnston and the Civil War, but let’s not teach about slavery and what that system did to Black people. I believe that’s what’s called hypocrisy. If history is so important, let’s teach it all and let’s teach it accurately."

"President Biden stated Tuesday the boost in gas prices 'is a consequence of, thus far, the refusal of Russia or the OPEC nations to pump more oil.' While this is true, the president continues to send strong signals regrading eliminating fossil fuels. This discourages U.S. producers from pumping more oil. Does Biden not get the hypocrisy inherent in his statement?"

"It's taken five years but the dots are finally being connected on the Steele dossier which, you will recall, the FBI could not corroborate but which was a primary source used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on a former Trump campaign member who has never been charged with anything. The latest dot connects directly to the Clintons. Love or hate Trump is not the point. This was a con that kept the country in an uproar for two years."

"To the reader who suggested I buy a house in a less restrictive subdivision, I don't intend to buy a house in any subdivision. I chose apartments 50 years ago because I didn't want the responsibilities of mowing yards, raking leaves and paying property taxes. But if that's what floats your boat, have at it. I want no part of it."

"Matt Ryan has never figured out which team to throw it to."

"I went to some trunk-or- treats at church and I'm just wondering why some of the church folks decorate and wear costumes from the dark side, really. If you're going to glorify God, this being to win people over to Christ, why would you want to celebrate that? There are so many costumes, so many decorations. I mean even our heroes, the police, the firefighters, the nurses, the doctors, the EMTs. All of these people would be great costumes. Then you have some church people that are wearing skeletons, from the grave, just inappropriate to my way of thinking. I know some people would say 'Oh, it's for fun' but fun should not be at the church if you're not doing what the church represents. Fun should be at home or at a party and decorate and wear whatever you want. But at church to glorify God, it should represent that."

"Dressing a dog up in a Halloween costume is a form of animal abuse. How humiliating to your animal."

"With all of the problems going on here, Biden is off chasing hot air on climate change."

"Does anybody know where I can find a cured 81 ham? Please print it in the paper. Thank you."

"Why would you want to call the Los Angeles Dodgers stupid? They may not be your team, but they aren't stupid."

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