Today's Forum for Oct. 15

"To the person that asks why do Democrats want to spend $3 trillion on social programs, I will ask you a question. Would you rather take care of Americans or see the money sent overseas? Personally, I was always told charity begins at home, which is the United States."

"Well, I’m just wondering what my fellow Democrats think about the IRS having complete access to our banking information if our account exceeds $600. The IRS will expect you to explain where and how you accumulated any amount over $600 and/or what did you purchase with $600. This will be a huge expense for banks and they will pass that charge back to you and me. Yes, the IRS could always get a warrant and get the information if they had a need to know; now if this law is passed the banks simply report monthly information on everyone who has at least $600 in the bank. This is some of the small print in the Build Back Better plan. Please contact your Congress person(s) and tell them what you think about this epic overreach."

"The president has no control over the price of gasoline, a global commodity."

"I know people agree and disagree on certain values and issues and that's a good thing. That's what the government and the different parties should do, that's how you get the best solutions to a problem. When they disagree just because of party affiliation and don't try to come up with the best solution for the people that they represent is totally wrong and unacceptable. We are not enemies. We are one country. Stop this foolishness."

"The Atlanta Police Department has a budget of $230 million and per their publicly available data is making thousands of arrests and citations per month. If Sen. Payne believes that is 'lawless' I'd hate to see the police state he feels safe in."

"Hey everybody that voted for Joe Biden, how does it feel to pay hundreds dollars more every month for groceries and gasoline? Have fun!"

"If I had the money I would buy 'Jeopardy!' so I could change the rules. But praise the Lord, he finally lost after 38 consecutive days."

"We enjoy Mark Millican's articles on local men who lost their lives while they were in military service. Could these articles possibly be printed into a book?"

"I want to give a big shoutout to the Whitfield County road department for paving and repairing the Varnell post office parking lot. There were holes deep enough there when it rained you could stock fish."

"You don't have to sit and speak and carry on a conversation for a long time because you're afraid of your neighbors or whatever. When you go by you can wave, or speak to them in the stores, something or another for people to be more friendly than they are nowadays."

"If you see turtles on the road, please don't run over them. They're carrying mail for the post office now."

"People, don't forget about the elections in Dalton and Varnell on Nov. 2. Early voting is underway now at the Whitfield County Courthouse through Oct. 29. These four races are very important in shaping our community. Please remember to vote. Thank you."

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