Today's Forum for Oct. 16

"In 2016, the United States elected Donald J. Trump as president of the United States of America because the people wanted a man that didn't take anything off anybody, either from the Democrats or from foreign countries. He's going to take care of this country. Sure, he's not polished, he's not presidential, but that's not the reason why people elected him. The mainstream media has been fighting him ever since. That's the reason President Trump calls them the fake news media because they are fake, they have an agenda. If you don't see it, you're blind. It's as obvious as a hand in front of you."

"Commenters continue to refer to Trump as a successful businessman, when nothing could be further from the truth. He squandered both the fortune he inherited, and the fortune he made from his TV show, and he now owes another fortune to unknown creditors."

"President Trump said the best is yet to come. Is he gonna forfeit and let Joe Biden win?"

"Walter Williams for president!"

"Reader’s note: Why doesn’t the Daily Citizen-News print the Democratic Party’s platform?"

Editor's note: Because it's 92 pages.

"County and city has surplus tax money. Let’s hire an out-of-town firm to do a senseless study and pay them a small fortune to do it."

"The COVID 'rain' continues to fall. So, county commissioners, how about putting the unexpected windfall from the 2015 unspent SPLOST money and the unexpected sales tax refund in our rainy day fund. Why is your focus on how to spend it?"

"The extremists who plotted to kidnap the Michigan governor listened to Donald Trump's irresponsible comments and heard it as a call to arms. This happened on the same day that Trump called for the arrest of his political opponents. The United States is in a red alert situation. Dictator, anyone?"

"I identify as a Christian and I disagree with Mr. Smith's of Cohutta ad in the paper. He needs to think about socialism and he needs to pray about his decision."

"I can't believe that some of the Forum readers believe that after four years with President Trump they haven't figured out the left-wing news media is lying against him. That's ridiculous."

"I just can't understand going to Chattanooga because they take better precautions with the virus up there. If that's the case, why are there so many more cases in Chattanooga, especially Hamilton County, than there are in Whitfield County?"

Editor's note: Hamilton County is more than three times the population of Whitfield County.

"Has anyone noticed on these new vehicles that the turn signals on the front are very small and they're so jammed up against the headlights you can't tell they're flashing?"

"Having read your editorial page columns for a number of years, I truly think Dick Yarbrough wants to be Lewis Grizzard when he grows up."

"How can I find out what my blood type is? Doctor's offices won’t type blood. I think it is important to know my blood type."

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