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"If you want to know your blood type, go donate blood. As a bonus, you actually get to help people, too!"

"If you want to find out your blood type visit Blood Assurance and start donating blood. You will get your blood type and help those in need at the same time."

"For the person who wants to get your blood typed, donate a pint of blood at Blood Assurance. They send you a little card with your blood type and a way to keep track of all your donations. I have given over eight gallons."

"I stay away from you so that you won't get COVID from me (if I have it). And I won't get it from you (if you have it). I am not depending on you wearing a mask."

"Are we actually becoming a Third World country when Facebook and Twitter take unusual steps to halt the New York Post's story about Hunter Biden's Ukraine deals? We are talking censorship."

"My answer for 'Because it’s 92 pages,' you’ve printed way more negative stories about Trump, and most of those are not true or at least questionable."

Editor's note: Please list all untrue news articles we have printed about President Trump.

"I would like to thank Dr. Richmond for his letter in the Oct. 16 edition. I really appreciate him exposing his true views about our president and how he too is a victim of slanted reporting. His letter has helped me make the decision to no longer use him as my doctor. He can count me as a lost patient and source of revenue and access to Medicare."

"I couldn't have said it better myself, Mr. Richmond. I am also a lifelong Republican who simply cannot vote for Trump."

"God bless John D. Richmond for speaking the truth, which is so rare in today's times."

"It is the commissioners' job to make a plan and to make a plan and spend the money."

"I read Sheriff Chitwood's speech and agree with him regarding policy, training and certainly the fact that law enforcement officers are people, too. Unfortunately, there have been situations where a few 'bad cops' have hurt the reputation of all law enforcement. Please keep in mind our dealing with people who break the law and many are repeat offenders."

"I was glad to read the article about Sheriff Chitwood in Friday's Daily Citizen-News about the officers in difficult situations. He said action is better than reaction and I agree 100%, Mr. Chitwood. I'm proud that you came out for your officers and stand up for our law enforcement. I back them all the way. God bless them and God bless America."

"Thank you to Mr. H. Cochran for what he said. I agree all the way. I just want to say God bless him."

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