Today's Forum for Oct. 30/31

"I agree with the commenter about low voting numbers. Don't think for a second that your vote doesn't count. David Pennington won the mayoral race by 11 votes. That means 12 voters could've changed the whole outcome. Make your voices heard!"

"The column in Wednesday’s Daily Citizen-News by Christine Flowers about Condoleezza Rice was the best thing I’ve read lately. People, please try and listen to all opinions and discussions. Not just your political party’s view. We could all get along if the media would stay out of it. TV and social media are stirring trouble on purpose. Please make your own decisions."

"If you are considering buying a home in a restricted subdivision and you think the restrictions are asinine, the intelligent thing to do would be to not buy a home there."

"Why do certain grocery stores when they have a 'buy one, get one free' sale almost double their prices? You're really not getting a deal."

"CBS sure isn't doing much with the SEC. One game and out. ABC has games all day long."

"They took the All-Star game away from Atlanta, but they can't take the World Series. Go Braves!"

"You know the best thing about the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros being in the World Series? Those stupid Los Angeles Dodgers aren't there. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it."

"Although I have never met Ina Fay Manly, I agree 100% with what she said in her recent letter. The vaccine is very important but you should not be forced to take it. If you can be forced to take this vaccine, what's to keep them from forcing you to take any other drug that comes along that they decide you need? It's '1984' 40 years later than it might have been."

"Ina Fay, as usual, I agree with you wholeheartedly. There's a lot of ignorance with this COVID and that's why so many people are dying."

"How can I get a hold of Buddy over there at the community center that has the good chicken salad?"

"After reading David Bean's letter to the editor the other day, I'm just wondering if he's been to the grocery stores lately or the gas stations, or if he just sits in his house and has no idea what's going on outside?"

"My, my, David Bean. Why don't you write a letter telling how unfit Joe Biden is to be our president?"

"The Democratic Party's platform in a nutshell: Here's money, vote for me."

"As a neighbor to children in Southmont, I'm so thankful to Dalton Public Schools transportation for deciding to pick them up instead of making them walk down that long, dark hill to Dug Gap Road."

"What's up with Obama running around the countryside campaigning for every single Democrat that runs for office? He had his day in the sun. He's become a pompous dilettante."

"Biden is the great pretender. He pretends to care about problems, then does everything humanly possible to make those problems worse. Trump was right. Everything that Trump predicted about him has come true."

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