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“Two good reasons to impeach Biden: dereliction of duty and to protect the U.S. from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

“Still think Biden is fit for office after at a White House conference he called out to a congresswoman who died in a car wreck in August?”

“Why isn’t stuff placed into landfills burned? What is the point of leaving it there?”

“Watching Brian Kemp try to blame Stacey Abrams for things that have happened in Georgia while he’s been the governor would be funny but way too many people believe it. All of the things that hurt your family have happened under Republican control in our state.”

“Every time Joe Biden and the Democrats go out and talk about zero inflation and a strong economy they’re begging for the acceptance of every American, but nobody believes them anymore. They inherited a booming economy with virtually no inflation from Donald Trump and, in slightly more than a year, turned it into a busting recession with record inflation. That’s not an easy thing to do and still despite what financial markets are telling them, what typical families and parents are telling them, what the border crisis and what the U.S. crime wave is telling them, they continue to refuse to listen.”

“Is there a representative who could help with getting better cellphone communications in the west side of the Whitfield County area?. I had gas delivered and the driver could not connect to print an invoice.”

“The Public Service Commission is totally controlled by Republicans. Enjoy the price hike or are you a socialist?”

“Are you kidding me? You think the media made up the story that the mob on Jan. 6 had the intent of hanging Mike Pence? The mob was chanting ‘Hang Mike Pence,’ they erected a gallows, and Trump himself said Pence deserved it. It’s inconceivable that Republicans deny this happened.”

“The U.S. has 286 million vehicles. It has 2.3 million electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the future. But it is a distant future.”

“The one thing you can not say about Trump is that he’s for the people. That’s the most absurd statement I’ve ever heard in The Forum (and that’s saying a lot). He’s for people who are for him. The minute you aren’t for him he turns on you. Need proof? He’s more than willing to give our state to Stacey Abrams just to get back at Kemp. A state absolutely full of his own devotees. Ultimately, the only thing he is for is himself. You just happen to benefit from his service to himself occasionally. No matter how many times we miss the target, Americans still need to try to elect presidents that actually see all people as ‘their people.’”

“I have so enjoyed reading the new Sandra Derrick column that highlights various local restaurants. It is one of the few columns that I read start to finish!”

“If Trump declassified documents with his mind, Biden reclassified them on Jan. 22, 2021.”

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