Today's Forum for Sept. 1

"I’d like to thank all of the local anti-vaxxers. Being forced to stay at home again is saving me lots of money."

"I’m currently searching for a new doctor and dentist, whose employees care enough about their patients’ lives to wear masks over both their mouths and noses!"

"Who is the person who is telling Joe Biden not to take reporters’ questions? Joe just turns his back on the American people and walks away, saying he is not supposed to take questions. Why didn’t that person tell him to get Americans and those who helped us out of Afghanistan before he withdrew troops? If Joe were a man of integrity he would resign. I guess he is waiting for his handler to tell him to do so."

"It's weird that Dalton's wide downtown streets were laid out before the invention of the car to encourage downtown commerce, but if you suggested closing a few streets to cars today you would be burned at the stake."

"I'm 97 years old and on a walker. These telemarketers call me all the time so I decided to quit getting mad and be happy. They called one day about the warranty on my car and I said, 'Wait just a minute and let me look up some information.' I made them wait. When I got back I said, 'Well, I don't have a car but could you give me a warranty on my walker?' They hung up on me. So rude."

"You can register your phone number at to be put on the national do not call list. It cuts down on telemarketers."

"You do not have to answer the phone!"

"Who cares what goes on in South Dakota? I have all I can do to handle my problems in Dalton. People in this town have way too much time on their hands."

"Twitter and Facebook are drunk with power."

"Every American should be disgusted. Look at the list of military equipment that we left behind for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Billions of dollars in military equipment that will be used against our allies. Unbelievable."

"I just saw the latest national poll that Biden has a 46% approval rating. It really saddens me that there are that many anti-military and anti-America individuals in this country."

"I can't believe that everyone on cable TV news is a military genius now. Gosh, we're so lucky."

"This is to all you Democrats out there: How do you like your president now?"

"Ron DeSantis has sold his soul to the devil for personal and political gain and Brian Kemp is not far behind."

"Thank you for the column by Michael Reagan in Saturday's newspaper. As usual, his commentary is right on target."

"Support our troops, support our commander in chief, support America. Do not let the domestic liars deceive us."

"When you don't know what to do, set your eyes upon the Lord, God of all heaven and Earth. He will show you the way."

"With all of this rain lately, it feels like we are living in Seattle."

"People are truly being prisoners of the moment and not remembering that our four years under Donald Trump were as chaotic a time period as I can recall."

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