Today's Forum for Sept. 1

"If we knew half of the history Seth Weitz knows about the inhumanity perpetrated against African Americans, we would be bleeping angry at the white race, too! But for the most part we choose to remain ignorant, and have hardened our hearts."

"The Dalton State College professor says that his viral, profanity-laced tweets were taken out of context. Yeah, sure. What surprises me is that this professor hasn’t been fired. 'We must uphold the First Amendment ...,' says the college. I’ll bet if a white professor used the same language towards Black Lives Matter or Black people he would have been kicked off campus so fast his head would still be spinning."

"An inarticulate rant on a social gossip site falls to meet the standard for front page news. Come on, Dalton deserves better news coverage."

"If Dalton State College doesn’t 'tolerate acts of racism or injustice' they shouldn’t tolerate the racism by Seth Weitz against white people. I am shocked at his comments and am glad my children and grandchildren have already graduated college. I would not think of letting them be taught by him."

"I don't believe for a minute that Dalton State professor Seth Weitz's opinions don't come across in the classroom."

"The article on Seth Weitz is quite telling. His vulgar rant about white people seems to be the definition of the racism he obviously detests. It's his kind of extremism that will always stand in the way of solving the issue. Even worse, he will no doubt spew his vile feelings to those he teaches. I actually feel sorry for him."

"Dalton State may be constrained by the First Amendment to take action against Weitz's offensive social media posts, but 'Speaking Boldly' does not describe their statement to the newspaper."

"With so many 'white' students at Dalton State, why would this college have a professor that has publicly said he hates whites be on the payroll? And the horrible language he used to describe whites is disgusting and disgraceful for a person in his position."

"First Methodist in Chatsworth is open with social distancing."

"Remember that city/county fire department study that the county reneged on? We need it. Yes, we all want a ready-to-roll fire department, but there has to be a better way to provide that critical service since most calls are medical calls. Latest Dalton data: six of 281 July responses involved an actual fire, only one fire was inside a building and it was a vent fan. Yes, a much larger, more dangerous fire could occur. Shame on us if we don't make the effort to optimize both fire and medical services to citizens."

"Bad news for the grandma who plans to sue the schools if she ends up with COVID-19. The General Assembly has basically made it so whomever 'decides' to walk into a school building is assuming their own risk. Including teachers, whose only choice is between lives and livelihoods. It also includes students who don’t have technology at home and don’t really have the choice to do virtual school instead of face-to-face instruction. So, I guess the joke’s on you. It’s on all of us."

"If you get the virus it is your fault. Wherever you are you need to stay away from everybody. And that can be done."

"Begone NBA and NFL."

"The theme of the Republican National Convention appears to be that, so long as there are no problems and you don't expect him to do anything, Trump is a decent president. It turns out 'coasting on Obama's economy' is not the same thing as leadership."

"Democrats have no problem inviting the faithful into our big tent. We're just not going to let you write laws requiring everyone else to abide by your particular faith."

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