Today's Forum for Sept. 10

"Very young people, this community needs you sooner rather than later. Please consider running for office now. Every time a seat for county commissioner, mayor, city council or school board becomes available, we need to replace it with new thinking. I'm sure you see this and it's time to change this clique."

"Our low COVID vaccination rate — coupled with way too many people certain that the vaccine will poison them or invade their DNA — speaks to the quality of our school systems. Too many diplomas are handed out to students who can't decipher the data on a simple graph or understand a scientific article. But, hey. They're livin' their best life."

"If parents are the best decision-makers for their kids, why do we need DFACS, free lunch, Medicaid, jails, anti-abortion laws and 'Saturday sacks' for unfed children? Why should we be concerned about homeless children, unpaid child support, unvaccinated children and mandatory attendance at schools? Why does the government fret over school closures and unhealthy home environments? Parents are the best decision-makers, ask any Republican."

"There’s a fine line between educated and uneducated. There are about as many ignorant folks in either class."

"For all of those people waiting for rental assistance from the government, go to work and you'll have money to pay your rent."

"As Rich Manieri so aptly demonstrates in his most recent column, most critics of 'woke' culture are just angry they can't be disrespectful to other people without consequence anymore. 'How dare you expect me to acknowledge someone else's inherent worth as a human being!'"

"‘That’s how the ball bounces’? The ball isn’t bouncing with Biden, it’s exploding every time it hits the ground. He has a lot of blood on his hands and it isn’t over."

"Biden got us out of Afghanistan? We still have people there! He’s left trillions of dollars worth of equipment for the Taliban to use against the U.S. and/or their countries. It’s a good thing emojis aren’t allowed."

"While I agree we should have left Afghanistan, I don’t agree with the way it was done. Evacuating our military before the civilians was the worst possible way to go. On top of that we leave billions of taxpayer-funded equipment to a government we knew was going to collapse."

"How can you liberal Democrats still defend Biden after his disastrous retreat from Afghanistan?"

"You Trump haters are examples of how the left-wing news media lied to you."

"I'm glad to see the Forum has a sense of humor. Joe Biden, the most honest, awesome president we've ever had? Oh, that made my day! Thank you for the laugh."

"After 31 years of living in Georgia, I reached a conclusion over the weekend that I ought to be following Georgia football. So I turned on the game, which wouldn't you know it happened to be in my hometown of Charlotte, and the best thing about it was all the crowds and the people having a good time acting like things are back to normal even if they're not. Go Dawgs!"

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