Today's Forum for Sept. 11/12

"I wonder if anyone else has this problem. We don't get our mail sometimes and it's causing a problem. I think we should do away with the mail on Saturday. The post office wouldn't always be crying about wanting more money. The extra money could be put towards getting better postal carriers. When I was growing up, most postmen and women were veterans. They did a good job and they were honest."

"When 7,435 students and all the faculty and staff of the Dalton Public Schools system are put in danger of acquiring a deadly disease from 119 students there is nothing logical about that decision. It is purely tail wagging the dog, politically motivated, lily-livered, gutless, failure of leadership. How many deaths have occurred because of this policy besides the ones we read about in the newspaper? Why are the statistics being withheld from the public?"

"In the mask and the vaccine we trust."

"Does anybody in Forum Land know where you can buy the light gray jogging pants with the elastic waistband? I've looked all over Dalton and can't find them."

"I wish newspaper editors including the Daily Citizen-News would stop referring to Jan. 6 as an insurrection. Mayhem, pandemonium, melee, chaos, but insurrection? No. It doesn't meet the dictionary definition of that word. It might be politically popular, but it's not grammatically correct."

"Because of his failures in Afghanistan, the economy, gas is high, our open borders, crime is high, nothing is good in this country. Biden needs to be impeached and kicked out of office as soon as possible."

"The framers of the Constitution missed a big one when they didn't put a recall provision for removing a president from office."

"Better, worse or about the same since January? Inflation? Migrant surge at border? Afghanistan? Respect from NATO members? Debt? COVID?"

"I feel like my president and the economy are doing just fine. If you can't see that, then you're blind. I think Joe Biden did the right thing by getting us out of Afghanistan. Was the exit perfect? No. But he will get them all out. We've had 20 years, two Republican presidents and two Democratic presidents, and we've been lied to telling us all along that things were going good when it was not going good. Thank you, Joe. It's time to get out."

"It's interesting how Afghanistan was the forgotten war, but now when we want to leave, everybody wants to be an armchair quarterback."

"I can't believe you Dems are defending Biden after all this."

"I hope to God that the United States doesn't get involved in a major conflict or war while Biden is the commander-in-chief."

"Biden made a lot of promises while he was running for president. Well, everybody that's a Democrat bought into that and voted him in. Now you see how irresponsible he is and what a mess he's making of this country. So people that voted him in, y'all are to blame."

"We all know that Donald Trump is a huge liar, the list goes on and on, but to lie about what happened to you on 9/11? That's about as low as you can get."

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