Today's Forum for Sept. 11

"Thank you, Whitfield County Sheriff's Office and all that who were involved for staying with the fugitive until it was finished. Our community felt safer with your presence. What an awesome job!"

"Kyle Wingfield agrees with Betsy DeVos, not because she knows what she’s talking about (she doesn’t), but because he’s vehemently anti-public school, just like she is. Only 48% of teachers want the test to happen this year. Why listen to them? What do they know? Nah. Let’s invest money and time in a test for which we have neither the money nor the time. That seems prudent. I only hope that having to pay for this total waste of resources doesn’t result in greater budget cuts and teacher furloughs. But that’s just the sort of thing that plays into the plans of the crowd seeking to privatize education. Where, by the way, there is almost none of the almighty 'oversight' Wingfield is whining about here."

"The wording in the Constitution the is so archaic. You need an attorney to help you understand it. Unless it is mandated in curriculum guides, it cannot be taught effectively in schools either."

"Something beyond ignorance is not understanding the First Amendment forbids making laws or performing any governmental function based on religion. It separates church and state."

"Donald must be in a bit of trouble in Georgia. I keep getting calls from Junior asking me to vote for Donald."

''I'm voting by mail this election just because Trump don't want us to.''

"You prefer truth to professional behavior? So do I. However, it is quite possible to expect both from a person. And we should. These are not mutually exclusive things. It doesn’t have to be either/or. Stop with the excuses. Raise your expectations. Also, I disagree that Trump always tells the truth. His wife (wives) would probably back me up."

"What are Murray County Schools thinking? No mask and social distancing for children? Wednesday’s front page is mind-boggling!"

"If you don’t follow Walter Williams' weekly column, please give it a read. The statistics he lists in Wednesday’s paper concerning the family unit are frightening. What will a 'family' look like in the future? Welfare, lack of discipline, no father in the home, no structure — wake up people! What can we expect?"

"The statue of Gen. Johnston does not need funding to be moved anywhere. It needs to be 'shredded.' Terrible reminder of past atrocities."

"Trump has never been in the same room as the truth. How anyone trusts him, after Woodward's revelation, is a mystery to me."

"Over-usage causes words to lose their significance. Members of the media are in love with 'bombshell' and 'unprecedented' when reporting anything about president Trump. So much of it seems made up and bordering on the ridiculous. I heard one reporter, to remain nameless, recently reporting his 'unprecedented bombshell' about Trump lacing his shoes left over right instead of right over left and was sure this meant Trump was beginning to lean towards the Democrats and might leave the Republican party. Sheesh! Now this a really an 'unprecedented bombshell.'"

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