Today's Forum for Sept. 12-13

"If you want to know what Trump is going to do next, do like the White House staff and tune into Fox News."

"Reporting potholes and needed road repairs by text is great as far as convenience, but so far none I have reported have been fixed. It would be nice to get status reports."

"Up next: facial recognition to go into stores. If they don't match you (or match you to a criminal), no entrance."

"Woodward's book proved nothing. You don't know if he was lying or not."

"Whatever happened to Dick Polman's column? It's time we heard from him again."

Editor's note: We've been tight on space on the Viewpoints pages so we haven't been able to publish his columns.

"The reason we can't shake this deadly virus is because of this death cult that Donald Trump has created. I pray people vote the right way on Nov. 3."

"To the person in Friday's Forum that said the statue of Gen. Johnston needs to be shredded, do you not believe in looking back on our history? Do you really want to try to tear down everything that doesn't please you? Your thought process doesn't compute with the average American. Shame on you. God bless you, friend."

"We need the DOT out here on Highway 41 between Dalton and Ringgold. We have dozens and dozens of big trucks bypassing the scales."

"Joe Biden did nothing the whole eight years that he worked under Obama. What do you liberals think he's going to something if he's elected president?"

"To the people who think they're going to be able to find Democrats in Northwest Georgia in any significant number, what fountain have you been drinking out of?"

"How important is it to vote in November? Well, if Trump is not reelected the greatest nation the world has ever known will fall. It will fall to a bunch of domestic terrorists, communists and Democratic, whatever that means, socialists. And that is a disgrace."

"Obama's elegant lies? Well, a lot of practice makes perfect."

"Higher taxes, less jobs, more government control, less freedom of speech. Why would you vote for Democratic bondage?"

"I've said it over and over again. People don't have a clue about what they're protesting about sometimes. They're just out there to be seen, to stir up trouble, they don't even have a clue what's behind the protests they're participating in. They're just there with the crowd because they think that looks cool. They're just going to do it to get attention."

"Our great President Donald Trump could have done a better job with this COVID-19 if he had had the cooperation of everybody in the White House instead of people that hated his guts. He's better than Joe Biden ever thought about being."

"I would like to see our area school systems have the courage to require all attendees of all school sporting events to wear masks. It's the right thing to do. Do these school boards and administrators want to be responsible for hosting COVID-19 superspreader events? That would be a lot on their conscience, and many their wallets due to liability issues."

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