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“I’m old enough to remember Jimmy Carter getting elected because he was a wholesome and moral breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of corruption created during the Nixon years. I distinctly remember entire churches being excited to go out and vote for an openly Christian man for president. Then, after four years of that disaster, I remember those same people breaking speed limit laws to get to the polls to vote for Reagan as fast as they could.”

“If you really think Trump never insulted whole groups of people with name-calling, I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. I understand that he has insulted so many people so many times that it’s really hard to keep up, but this would be easy enough to prove to yourself. Also, why should we be accepting name-calling from either side? If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. We act like we don’t have the power to require better. Like we don’t have other choices. We are all so much more alike than we are different. We could all just refuse to be played for fools by letting others divide us for their own gain.”

“One of the leaders and founders of the carpet industry in Dalton was educated at Georgia Tech. You can’t exaggerate the value of that money spent on education.”

“Is there an organization in Whitfield County we can donate to for the Summerville flooding?”

“The comment about Prince Charles stepping into the role, etc. Well, the same thing happens here, only we call them presidents. What goes on in England is their business. Queen Elizabeth was an amazing lady.”

“Do you speak English with a puffed-up vocabulary? If not, let me help you get started with some definitions, so you too can begin to impress others. ‘Rain center’ is an umbrella rack at Big Lots. The ‘ultimate surface experience’ is apparently a job or something made in a carpet mill. A ‘rainwater management system’ means gutters and downspouts.”

“Here’s the reason a simple millage rate rollback would not have solved the property assessment increases. Residential increases averaged 22% while industrial and commercial were 15%. A rollback of 22% would have given industry a tax decrease and still left many residential taxpayers with considerably higher tax bills because their assessments were well above 22%. Some were 30%, 40% and more.”

“How much can you trust Biden when he wants you to hate MAGA Republicans?”

“You RINOs who don’t support Donald Trump are the main reason why we have a Democratic president and two Democrat senators in Georgia.”

“I’ve heard so many people on the TV and radio talk about how shocked they were that the queen died. Folks, she was 96! What do you expect? Are they shocked at all the people that don’t live to be 96?”

“Trump will be in prison for espionage and there will be Forum comments about how great a president that he’s going to be.”

“Please register to vote!”

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