Today's Forum for Sept. 15

"We can have memories of history without constant reminders of a divided nation that had so many unnecessary deaths and heartaches. It is too painful. I would not want a Holocaust memorial or a statue of Adolf Hitler in downtown Dalton either."

"Congrats, Charlottesville, for removing their Confederate monument from their city square. Maybe Dalton won’t be the last city to get with the times, but it’s getting closer and closer."

"Let me see if I understand this correctly — the editor has space on the Viewpoints pages for columns by Michael Reagan, John Stosel, Dick Yarbrough, Walter Williams and a whole bunch of others, but not for Dick Polman’s column? Wow! What does that tell me?"

"Yes, please bring back Polman. I miss sparring with that gentleman. Maybe get rid of Yarbrough and his drivel to get the needed space."

"One of my relatives, who lives in the Midwest, asked me if the people who live in the 14th Congressional District have had the drinking water tested for lead."

''And what exactly has Mike Pence done as vice president, except back up Trump's lies and tell some of his own?''

"If teachers are charged with the safety of their students, why can’t they make those few maskless students mask up? They’re putting their classmates at risk. Responsible parents should insist that irresponsible ones either conform or stay home."

"People are calling Florida's new disenfranchisement scheme a poll tax but it's actually worse than that. People aren't being told if they owe anything, how much they owe or where and how to pay it. Florida doesn't want them to be able to pay their fines so they can never get their vote back."

"Why do we not have the city council and county commissioner meetings televised on local TV channels? Seems to me it would keep the citizens informed on current topics and decisions."

"The lengths Trump supporters will go to in order to absolve him of any responsibility would be funny if they weren't so indicative of a culture devoid of any critical thinking."

"Kyle Wingfield made an excellent case for resuming standardized testing in schools. Perhaps the teachers' unions and public school teachers are balking because they will have to face competition if school choice becomes a reality?"

"On what legal basis is Trump acting when he tells residents in North Carolina to vote twice (a felony) and then defies the governor of Nevada’s orders against large gatherings to fight the spread of COVID-19? And 190,000 people have died because he downplayed the severity and lied to Americans about the pandemic. This is reckless and illegal behavior. Why are the cabinet and members of Congress not invoking the 25th Amendment? He’s unfit to hold the position of president of the United States!"

"I agree with the caller. Go Falcons, and take Dan Quinn with them!"

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