Today's Forum for Sept. 16

"I read the Forum every day and it just seems that there are more and more negative comments from so many people. I just want to say people, wake up! We still have a lot to be thankful for. We all need to try to be more positive. I'm preaching but I love Whitfield County, so everybody take care."

"I was beyond shocked when the worker behind the counter at the Dalton Post Office was coughing profusely into her gloved hands with her mask unattached."

The ‘ABC World News Tonight’ with David Muir should be renamed to ‘ABC Bad News Tonight.’

"COVID-19 has exposed the fundamental flaw at the heart of modern conservatism. It denies that collective solutions to problems exist, so when faced with a problem that can't be solved by individual action it's only recourse is to pretend the problem itself doesn't exist."

"If you think teachers are worried about 'competition' then you show how little you know about the motives of educators. We are worried about the poorest children being left in schools with even fewer resources than we have now. But let’s set that aside for a moment. Kyle Wingfield’s point was that these test scores allow the public some oversight of school performance, yet he advocates for vouchers, for-profit charter schools, subsidies for home schooling, etc. Do some research and see how little oversight there is of all the educational 'choices' I just listed. Almost none. And in some cases, none at all. He can’t have it both ways. Why push to test public schools during a pandemic but advocate for systems that can take tax dollars and use them with impunity? Where is his demand that they be tested?"

"If a statue causes you so much pain and it is a constant reminder of heartaches and death, maybe you need to talk with a therapist."

"I'm curious as to why a statue that has stood for over a hundred years and few people even knew his name has become so offensive, and the most stupid thing I have seen yet is to compare him to Hitler. He didn't start the war. My understanding is that he protected Dalton during the war. Also, I don't see anyone putting their money where their mouth is. They want it moved if someone else will pay for it."

"The person that compares Gen. Johnston to Hitler must have spent a lot of time on the absentee list in history class."

"Van Ausdal had about as much of a chance of beating Greene as Biden has trying to beat Trump. No wonder he pulled out."

“'QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Green'? How about 'Republican candidate Marjorie Taylor Green'? Editorializing in a straight news article is bad for the country."

"To shoot two cops in a parked car is bad enough, but then to have the brazenness show up at the emergency room entrance and to announce to the world you hope they die is beyond shocking. What's happened to this great country I once knew?"

"What was Walmart thinking when they rearranged their store? Good luck finding anything."

"If you like the lawlessness that's going on in these Democratic cities, vote Biden, then it will come to your city."

"CNN is at it again. Propaganda at its best."

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