Today's Forum for Sept. 2

“The theme of the Republican National Convention appears to be that, so long as there are no problems and you don’t expect him to do anything, Trump is a decent president. It turns out ‘coasting on Obama’s economy’ is not the same thing as leadership.”

"Are you better off than four years ago? 180,000-plus are not. The millions of unemployed are not. The Trumps and their cronies are. Time for a change."

"Seth Weitz has a 'problem' with the collage of his profanity-laced tweets. Without exception, he refers to 'they' and 'them' in his tweets about white people and 'their' privilege as if he is a minority. But he says he is white. The man is a college professor. Does he not understand the proper use of pronouns?"

"Mr. Weitz appeared to be trying to justify a tweet regarding white privilege. If you did not know you had such a privilege, this is a slogan which implies 'it ain’t my fault — I’m the victim.' To paraphrase the college, Mr. Weitz can say anything he desires because it’s his right? I doubt that the chancellor of the University of Georgia would allow those same comments to be made if you substituted Black for white in his profanity-laced tirade."

"'Out of context?' Exactly what context would make Seth Weitz’ comments acceptable? Racism and hate speech are not tolerated by private-sector employers and should not be tolerated by Dalton State or the University System of Georgia!"

"If you have to warn your readers not to drink bleach because Trump said to, we are doomed as a country. There is no bottom to that well of ignorance, and no telling what will come spewing out of it."

"Is 'parachuting out of a plane' communicable? I'd hate to think that after I landed and went to Sunday dinner, my grandma could catch 'parachuting out of a plane.'"

"These professional and college athletes certainly have the right to kneel in protest and disgrace themselves during the playing of our national anthem. Also, I, along with millions of countless other fans, have the right to never, ever watch them play again and then have to watch the commercials that sponsor these events along with their tacky end zone dancing."

"In the midst of a pandemic with high unemployment and the end of the $600 per week boost to unemployment checks, Chairman Laughter seconded the motion for a 1 mill tax cut because she thinks the county is in better financial shape this year than last when she voted against a 0.5 mill tax cut. I can't connect those dots."

"Wait, Michael Reagan, ultimate legacy hire and man whose entire career is predicated on pleasing wealthy Republican donors, thinks the Republican National Convention was good? I am shocked! Does he have any opinions on the wetness of water?"

"Defending the Johnston statue, at this point, is eagerly embracing Dalton's racist past at the expense of its diverse present. The Confederacy was wrong, slavery was evil, and we don't need monuments downtown defending either. Put something in that space we can all be proud of!"

"Remember, folks, this is the same man that promised in the last election that he would build a huge, magnificent, beautiful wall and Mexico would pay for it."

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