Today's Forum for Sept. 4/5

"Thank you so much police officers Zach Bell, Matthew Locke and Benjamin Ridley and several Dalton firemen, names unknown, for coming to my dog's rescue when she was stuck in a pipe. Thank you so much."

"I want to put some good news in the paper. First, I'd like to congratulate Coach Matt Cheaves for his state championship. It couldn't happen to a better person. Thank you for bringing soccer to this community. Thank you for all you do for the community."

"Shout out to the county commissioners for the significant and needed tax cut! It appears fiscal discipline is in and the days of department heads asking for more money than needed and then bragging when they come in under budget are out."

"I'm wondering if anyone else is getting these text messages that I'm getting. It's got 20 phone numbers attached to it and it's ugly messages on there about meeting someone — just too ugly to even talk about. But I sure don't solicit these. I would love to find a way to stop these. I block every one of these numbers when I get the texts, but why is somebody just able to send this mess to me when I certainly have not solicited them?"

"Rep. Carpenter and Sen. Payne, I would like to see you introduce a bill to punish those who insist on protesting at medical facilities to the point that staff and patients can not function normally. Protest but do it at least 100 yards away. You can still get your point across. If the General Assembly has the time and willpower to 'protect' statues of enslaver traitors, you can protect our healthcare workers and patients who are here and alive today."

"Why don't local school boards require their teachers and staff to be vaccinated? Oh yeah, I forgot. The unions."

"Although the odds are slim it will ever be needed, many in our community have a gun to protect themselves and their family. Although the odds are good it will be needed, many in our community have refused a COVID vaccine which would protect themselves and their family. It makes no sense."

"For the person looking for a doctor and a dentist, I can tell you that my dentist Dr. Billy Barton and his staff all wear masks appropriately."

"People who do not stand up for their personal freedoms and liberty don't deserve to have any."

"When your top generals and admirals stop being soldiers and sailors and start becoming politicians, it's time for them to step down and resign their commissions."

"Joe Biden is the first president of the United States that has surpassed Jimmy Carter."

"Some of these people calling for President Biden to resign are pathetic partisans. As if American military didn't die in Afghanistan while Trump was president."

"I still can't believe the number of people who are still blaming Donald Trump for this fiasco in Afghanistan. Donald Trump has not been president since January. This is all on Biden. Period."

"Donald Trump’s presidency would not have been chaotic had Pelosi and the Democrats let him do his job and not constantly made up reasons to have him impeached."

"Marjorie Taylor Greene is in for impeaching Joe Biden. So see, she really is working for you."

"If this Forum proves anything, it definitely proves that some of you will complain about anything."

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