Today's Forum for Sept. 4

"Does anyone read and understand what Walter Williams has to say? Once again his opinion about diversity, equity and inclusion nonsense (Sept. 2) is so true. Obviously no one is listening to what he has to say."

"Someone made the statement in Wednesday's paper that Trump 'coasted on Obama's recovery.' I don't understand how someone can say something like that. I, like a lot of people that worked in the carpet industry the last 50 years, have worked through many recessions. None ever lasted more than one year, maybe a year and a half. Obama couldn't pull us out for eight years, simply because he did not know how. He never worked in the real world so he had no idea how to build jobs. And he certainly wasn't going to bring jobs back from other countries."

"White people have never been discriminated against because of the color of their skin. They have been persecuted due to their religion or culture, but never for 'existing while white.' The same people that persecuted them were white, too."

"Perhaps Dalton State College should review its mission statement as it relates to First Amendment rights. To paraphrase: We expect ethical behavior in all of our relationships and we hold one another and our institution accountable. We can skip Weitz's love of the F-word and just focus on the college mission statement: All relationships, ethical behavior and accountability. Really, I hate an entire race of people? I guess their mission statement is just superficial fluff."

"I read something about them holding the voting for the election at a religious venue in Rocky Face. It's my understanding that the Constitution guarantees the separation of church and state. While I was raised in the church, I'm not particularly religious, and I know this is the Bible Belt, but I don't believe the election commission thought about the implications of holding a government-funded activity in a religious venue. We should not be holding any type of government exercise in a religious forum. It's an affront to everyone who believes in the Constitution."

"Our county commissioners say that we have the right to freedom, that no one should force us to wear a mask, so does that mean that we shouldn't have to wear seat belts either or stop at stop signs?"

Editor's note: Commission Chairman Lynn Laughter supports a county mask mandate.

"What does it say about us in this part of the state when we deny the science that face masks help slow the spread of COVID and we nominate a conspiracy theorist who has made racist remarks as the Republican nominee for Congress?"

"If you're unhappy with Walmart or Kroger because of the crowds, the unfriendly people and the long lines, I would highly recommend Food City. I went in there the other morning. It was only the second time I had ever been in there. Not only does the manager stand in the front and personally greet everyone who comes into the store, but they actually still had a working water fountain. People that have to take regular meds like me shouldn't have to spend $2.50 for a soft drink when all they need is a sip of water, nor should they have to go into public restrooms and expose ourselves to all of those COVID germs. Thank God there is somebody in the world left that still takes old people's needs to heart."

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