Today's Forum for Sept. 5-6

"Memorial Day: People refused to social distance and had big parties, and infection rates soared. July the Fourth: Ditto. Labor Day: This time, please do the right thing and save lives. You can still have a celebration without going wild."

"A very special friend and very good human being died this week from COVID-19. This was a man who followed all the protocols, mask, social distancing and sheltering at home. But he still contracted this terrible disease. Probably from someone who decided they weren’t going to wear a mask because they didn’t need to worry about it."

"Thank you, Dalton City Council, for more aggressively evaluating the city's financial situation. As noted by Mayor Pennington, the city has run surpluses for four years straight. To me, that indicates sloppy budget setting more so than department heads running tight ships."

"Are we better off than four years ago? I just filled my car up for $20. Four years ago it would have cost up to $45. How easily we forget the hard times due to the present blessings."

"Funny how when athletes are just entertaining jocks, it's all great and people love them. But when they dare to express their opinions, those same fans, who do not agree with them, immediately want nothing more to do with them, their team or their sports. It's like they don't even care that they're human beings with feelings, opinions, families and lives off the field."

"It’s sometimes almost laughable whenever I hear sportspeople like LeBron James express themselves trying to make a political statement. It would be a terrible decision for anyone to seriously listen to discussions about political discourse from people who get paid millions of dollars just to bounce a ball."

"I wonder how long it will take after the presidential election for a miraculous coronavirus cure to be openly available if Biden wins. How long if Trump wins?"

"Please tell me why all these people are wearing T-shirts and carrying signs and marching in support of the Bureau of Land Management."

"Fact: A lot of us look better in a mask; some are two-maskers."

"I wonder if the people who are so upset because a college professor used profanity to express his own opinion in his own personal space are similarly upset about a president who has told mountains of lies, regularly calls other leaders and citizens derogatory names, and curses, yes, curses, in public. Do you care about that?"

"Professor Weitz's lack of professional behavior is the problem. Employees represent their employers, and it is a failing not to display professional behavior. I frequently see a lack of professional behavior on Facebook, too. And I don’t just mean using the f-word. Employees, you represent your employer as well as yourself. Is your behavior professional?"

"After watching Chattanooga’s government officials’ well-presented, evidence-based justification for extending their masks mandate, it’s of little wonder that informed people choose not to continue to live in Dalton and Whitfield County."

"Wait, people actually believe we were still in a recession at the end of Obama's presidency? Obama's policies helped to create 10 million new jobs. He kicked off 11 straight years of economic growth. Trump was able to stand on Obama's shoulders and pretend he was tall, nothing more."

"Recent reports indicate that police forces in many of our cities have been infiltrated by white supremacist groups. Their main goal is to create unrest by openly and brutally killing Black men. Then blame the resulting protests on 'violent rioters.' Again, another tactic used by the Nazis 90 years ago."

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