Today's Forum for Sept. 7

"Dalton and Whitfield County school board members, please step up and lead our community and change your public school policy to protect all of our students K-12 and school system employees. You have to know that it is bad policy to allow any form of non-medical opt out in regards to mask wearing. All arguments defending the no-mask wearing policy are old, worn out, nonsense that put our students and community at risk."

"Hundreds of Dalton Public School students are in quarantine due to COVID. How many more are positive and don't know it but are potentially infecting others? Still, Tim Scott and the board support a mask opt out option. Scott keeps emphasizing that only a small percentage of parents are choosing to opt their student out. That misses the point. Allowing mask opt out sends the wrong signal. Masks are not perfect protection, but they help reduce transmission especially when someone coughs or sneezes. This is not rocket science."

"Haven't heard from herd immunity lately have we. No such thing with COVID. It just keeps mutating. It's the little virus that can. Protect your children, your older relatives, your coworkers, yourself -- get the vaccine!"

"If you were treading water in the middle of the ocean and someone came by and offered you a life preserver would you tell them you didn't want it because you were afraid it might not hold you up? That's what the COVID vaccine is. It's a life preserver. Take the shot!"

"Congratulations, you've turned Whitfield and Murray into a COVID-19 deathtrap."

"My body, my choice. unless you want an abortion. Blue lives matter, unless you're storming the Capitol. Avoiding the proven COVID vaccine to stand in line for horse deworming medicine. Please explain how all that works."

"I was hoping this would never happen, but it appears the Taliban have arrived in Texas. Women's rights are in serious jeopardy!"

"The problem is that you and the leftist Democrats have no clue as to what infrastructure is. In fact none of us know what has been stuck in this ridiculous spending bill that will help destroy our economy."

"Those surrounding President Biden during his campaign, as well as the liberal news media, had to know of his lack of competence to be commander-in-chief, yet they hid, lied and deceived the American public about it and now we are suffering the consequences. There's lots of blame to go around. Be informed, American public. I'm concerned for our country and hope you are, too."

"Whoever said that Biden is the most honest, awesome president must be shut away in a basement somewhere. Biden was the president who said multiple times that the U.S. troops would stay in Afghanistan until every American was out and no Americans would be left behind. Then he had to admit that the troops pulled out and left 100 or 200 Americans behind. Honest? Awesome? I think not."

"Headline on the weekend Daily Citizen-News: 'Thousands await rental assistance as evictions proceed.' The key word is await. Every store, restaurant and business you go in nowadays has a help wanted sign in the window. What about getting a job or even a second job to catch rent up? What a concept!"

"Are any of the candidates for local government positions in favor of an ordinance that imposes a civil fine of $150 for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana?"

"As far as the Pigskin Picks, I'll let you know mine Saturday night."

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