Today's Forum for Sept. 8

"I also work in carpet. During the Obama years work was good. Last year under Trump, we worked 36 hours almost all year."

"After this 'president' knocks the military, I cannot understand how any military veterans could support him."

"If you claim to believe in the Constitution, perhaps you should read it first. There is not one word or even hint in the Constitution of the 'separation of church and state.' That came from a misrepresentation of a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to a Baptist congregation saying the state should not interfere in religious matters. The first words in the First Amendment are these: 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...'"

"I just drove by Harmon Field Friday night during the second quarter. I am shocked at the number of people who would rather take a chance on dying than miss a Dalton/Calhoun football game. The streets around the stadium remind me of a Dalton/Northwest game. If there is any social distancing in the south stands you sure cannot tell it. Packed. The north stands, in the middle two sections, packed. I heard on the radio that the stadium would be at 50% capacity. All the SEC schools have announced a capacity of 25%. Why is Dalton at 50%? The stadium actually looks above 50%. I hope Dalton and Calhoun do not become the next hot spots because I sure did not see many masks."

"You folks ever heard the saying 'putting your money where your mouth is'? The statue issue is dead. You liberals and Dalton Daily Citizen-News need to let it go for goodness sake."

"The people wanting the statue moved are not willing to pay for it. No surprise there. They likely are the same millenials who don’t work, depending on their parents to continue providing shelter, food and everything they want and not do anything to help the parents. Leave the statue as is! If you move it to the Huff House that same group will complain about it being there."

"Who cares what NBA, NFL, NHL, WNBA and MLB thinks about anything? Certainly not me."

"To the person who is talking about a lack of professional behavior on the part of many today, I agree wholeheartedly. I hope, if you are a Trump supporter, you extend that same expectation to the guy who is an employee of every American citizen. His behavior is despicable on a daily basis. Those of you complaining about the professor at the college need to stop with the double standard."

"Gas prices are down because worldwide less gasoline is being used due to COVID-19. I also received a discount on my automobile insurance. Do you think Trump is responsible for that, too."

"The North Georgia Health District say we are not longer in the red with COVID-19. That’s wonderful! What isn’t wonderful is sending the kids full-time face-to-face sooner than planned. Will the board of education and the superintendent be the ones teaching the children in these crowded classrooms? It’s the parents' and teachers' worst nightmare. Filling up classrooms five days a week for elementary school but only four for high school doesn’t make sense. High schools will be disinfected on Wednesdays but not elementary schools? The October date was, maybe doable, depending on the outcome of the month of September."

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