Today's Forum for Sept. 9

"The phrase 'separation of church and state' is not found anywhere in the Constitution. How can it be used to declare something as unconstitutional if it's not part of the Constitution? People need to understand that before they run around screaming 'separation of church and state' and showing their ignorance."

"If the statue of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston bothers 6,000 people, then those 6,000 people should raise the money. It sounds like these people like the protest but don't want to put their money where their mouth is. The right to protest is great, but don't expect someone else to pay for it. Freedom is not a free ride for anyone!"

"Those of you who voted for Marjorie Greene in the Republican primary should be very proud that she is now internationally famous … for endorsing the insane QAnon conspiracy theory, and having a threatening post removed from social media."

"I live in the 14th Congressional District in Northwest Georgia. Marjorie Taylor Greene scares me to death! I can’t imagine her walking the halls of the U.S. Capitol spewing her insane rhetoric. Oh, and you people who voted for her, also scare me to death. Lord save us from this madness!"

"Fox can't seem to understand that people aren't blaming Trump for the pandemic, they're blaming him for his weak response to it. And they're very well paid to not understand the difference."

"The proof is on page 5A on Tuesday that schools should not reopen for face-to-face instruction five days a week."

"I prefer truth to professional behavior. Obama was elegant at lying. Trump is brutal at truth."

"Congratulations to your car insurance being lower. I am thankful and appreciative that you have chosen to drive responsibly. I am sure that has helped you save gas. Traffic looks to be back to normal and the tractor-trailers are rolling. Sometimes we just need to be grateful for the small things that help our lives be better."

"I am really concerned about all the hullabaloo surrounding the possible release of a COVID-19 vaccine. The first person to develop COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine will make headlines screaming the vaccine doesn’t work. It’s sad what politicizing an illness will do. I have never heard of a 100% effective vaccine. I had a flu vaccine shot last October and still had a light case of the flu a few weeks later, but I will opt for the flu shot again this year."

"Our downtown post office is embarrassing for Dalton. The weeds are tall, the grass isn’t mowed, the landscaping is unmaintained. The self-service machine for mailing is out of order and the lines are long. The staff is overworked because they are short-staffed. Something needs to be done."

"So the NFL has officially given teams the OK to kneel during the national anthem. I will find something else to do on Sunday afternoons. I understand protesting what they see as injustices in our country, just don't do it during the national anthem. If they want to make a difference in their communities, do it by actually going into their communities and working with the people who live there. That's how you bring attention to the problems. Stand up!"

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