Citizen of the Week: Bowen has been an asset to the Creative Arts Guild for more than three decades

The Creative Arts Guild uses many means to reach people, including social media, but traditional advertising — posters and mailings — remains highly effective, and no one has done more recently with those conventional outreach methods than Ann Bowen, say Guild officials.

"If we need something, we call her," said Savannah Thomas, the Guild's gallery director. From "sending out mailers to putting up posters around town, she's always tons of help."

"When we call her, she shows up almost immediately," said Leanne Martin, the Guild's director of events and operations. Bowen, who has long volunteered at Hamilton Medical Center as well, has been an asset to the Guild for more than three decades, and "she's just a great lady."

"She's a positive, upbeat person who wants to make the (Guild and) the community better any way she can," Martin said. Lately, that's meant becoming a workhorse with posters.

Putting up posters is ideal for Bowen, because she can do so while keeping social distance, crucial during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, said Martin, whose involvement with the Guild dates back more than 30 years. "She enjoys getting out of the house and doing it."

"When you see a big image on a poster in the grocery store or in a restaurant, it reaches people, and it's important to let people know what is going on," Martin said. As for mailers, it makes more of an impression "when you have it in your hands and can hang on to it," as opposed to seeing an event advertised briefly on social media.

And Bowen's knowledge of Dalton and its residents is pivotal when the Guild sends out mailers, Martin said.

"She knows everyone in this town, so we can keep our mailing list up to date."

For her devotion to the Creative Arts Guild and the Dalton community, the Daily Citizen-News names Ann Bowen Citizen of the Week.

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