Citizen of the Week: Jeannie Davis

The final three weeks before an election are always hectic for the Whitfield County Board of Elections. That's when early voting takes place, and there's a steady stream of voters coming into the office. Staff members often find it hard to even squeeze in the time to eat.

"We have to try to find somebody to go out and get us something," said Registrar Mary Hammontree.

And this year, with early voting numbers soaring, the staff has been particularly hard pressed.

But Jeannie Davis, a temporary employee brought in to help during early voting, stepped up and took care of the dining for the entire 15 days of early voting. Davis contacted area restaurants to provide free meals to the 20 permanent and temporary employees, and encouraged friends to bake desserts or bring snacks.

"She even cooked some things herself," said Hammontree. "This year, we've been able to go into the back and take 30 minutes and eat lunch."

Some of the restaurants that took part are Applebee’s, Baja Coop, Domino's, DosBros, Fuji, Honey Baked Ham, Jersey Mike's Subs, The Local Restaurant, Los Palmas, Oakwood Cafe, Oyster Pub, Papa John's Pizza, Schlotzsky's and Western Sizzlin.

"It really warmed our hearts to see that sort of support from the community," said Hammontree.

For her efforts to help local election workers during a very busy time, the Daily Citizen-News names Jeannie Davis Citizen of the Week.

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