Citizen of the Week: Wendy Houston

Wendy Houston is an avid runner, a strong believer in the value of exercise.

And she's trying to pass on that love of running and build healthy habits in some of Dalton's young people.

Houston has worked at Roan School for 19 years, as a paraprofessional and in the school’s media center. But one of her most important roles at the school takes place after school hours and on a voluntary basis.

About nine years ago, Houston formed a running club for students at the school that she still manages.

"It meets on Wednesday, and she has more than 50 kids," said Houston's daughter Bekah.

Houston has them practice various types of races, including relays, and do other types of exercises.

"For many of these kids, she is a support system, cheerleader, and does her best to give them opportunities such as participating in their first road race," said Bekah Houston. "In the past, she has asked for community sponsors in order for her kids to participate in local road races, and even sponsors many of the children herself. She even gives participants rides home after the club and to races if they do not have the means for transport."

For her efforts to help some of Dalton's youth build healthy habits early in life, the Daily Citizen-News names Wendy Houston Citizen of the Week.

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