Not $100,000.

Not $10,000.

Not $1,000.

Not $100.

Not $10.

Not $1.

Not even 1 cent.

Almost four weeks ago when some members of the public and this newspaper called for the Dalton City Council to find cost savings in its ever-escalating 2019 budget, they said they would try.

They couldn't find any. Actually, councilmembers found a way to increase next year's budget.

Those councilmembers are expected to vote on the 2019 budget at tonight's meeting at 6 at City Hall. The latest budget has $34.72 million in spending, up from $34.64 million in the proposed budget just last month.

The 2018 budget is $32.5 million. If councilmembers approve the latest proposed budget, it will be more than a 6 percent increase over 2018.

After city officials decided to examine the budget further, we lauded their move.

We find it disheartening that the City Council, its department heads and city administrator found no cost savings.

We understand that running a city isn't cheap, and maintaining a level of service that residents demand requires spending. But with residents facing stagnant wages and rising health costs, many of us are constantly tightening our spending.

We are astonished that the City Council refuses to do the same.

Why couldn't city officials find any cuts in next year's budget? We don't know. We tried to ask.

However, neither Dalton Mayor Dennis Mock nor the four members of the City Council immediately returned messages Friday to a Daily Citizen-News reporter. Maybe they will have answers tonight.

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