Editorial: First the rain, now watch out for ice

As of late Friday morning it had finally ended — the rain, that is.

Around two weeks of seemingly ever-present rain has left the ground saturated to the point of resembling soggy bottoms.

And all this rain has created problems, whether it was temporary road closings due to flooding, changing the date of an event or the cancellations of school or delaying the start of school. This week school systems in Dalton, Murray and Whitfield closed on Tuesday.

But the school systems were ready for it; in fact, Dalton turned a supposed "day off" into a digital learning day, where lessons were posted on school websites.

Some students may have welcomed that "homework" about as much as a snow day on a Saturday, but wait, that was thrown at us last Saturday as we woke up to several inches of snow falling before noon.

That was followed by more rain on Monday.

But we are luckier than many places that suffered a lot more flooding than we did. Schools in neighboring counties such as Walker had delayed starts on Thursday because of the threat of flooding.

Local officials reported earlier this week that the most recent rain did not cause any flooding or high water that required anything more than a temporary warning sign or barricade for the few areas that had some flash flooding.

Dalton and Whitfield public works departments coordinated with the local Georgia Emergency Management Agency to stay on top of weather developments, and from all accounts were ready to act if any real disaster occurred. Their dedication during times of inclement weather is much appreciated.

And although the rain ended, flooding remains a concern. We should expect some minor flooding along our local creeks and streams during the next couple of days.

Also, we need to watch out for ice Friday morning and possibly on Saturday, as temperatures are forecast to dip below freezing overnight and that could freeze leftover puddles as well as the water-soaked ground.

And while we should be able to dry out over the weekend, don't get too used to it. Rain is back in the forecast for late Monday or by Tuesday.

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