Editorial: Some residents in Whitfield County District 3 have an opportunity for redemption on Tuesday

Eligible residents in Whitfield County District 3 who didn't vote in the March 16 special election for the District 3 seat on the county Board of Commissioners have an opportunity to redeem themselves on Tuesday.

That is the day of the runoff in that election between Shane Day, global sales director for Tiarco Chemical in Dalton, and John Thomas, a realtor and former member of the Whitfield County Board of Education.

And there are a lot of you who need redemption. Only 9.72% of eligible residents voted in the special election on March 16 to fill the unexpired term of the late Roger Crossen. That is sad.

We have written previously, does that mean only 9.72% of the 16,354 eligible residents care about what goes on in their county?

We hope that is not the situation, because you have the power, thanks to this nation's founding fathers and countless soldiers who have spilled their blood to ensure our precious right to vote, to help determine the future of the county, its priorities and goals.

Many of you may have participated in early voting for the runoff, and election officials want those who did not to be able to vote by having polls open on Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

There has been much hullabaloo of late in this state about voting, what the parameters should be, what should be allowed and not allowed, and the state legislature passed and the governor signed a law that overhauls Georgia's election laws.

But the good news is the power still resides in you. If you are legally eligible to vote and are determined to vote, you have 12 hours on Tuesday to get that done.

There may be blips, unforeseen circumstances -- we hope not -- but in most instances, if you are determined to vote you can make it happen.

And you should make it happen. The success of our county depends on you having a say in who represents you and, then, after Election Day, making sure those who are representing you are doing so appropriately and in good faith.

You are the key to good government.

You have the power.

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