Editorial: The county wants your input, give it to them

"We want the public's input on this," said Whitfield County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jevin Jensen.

The "this" is zoning changes being considered by the commissioners.

Changes that could affect your life.

We focus repeatedly in this space on the importance of residents participating in both the workings of their local governments and voting in local elections.

We have to do this repeatedly because in aggregate the participation is just not there.

Few people attend city of Dalton and Whitfield County governmental meetings other than the elected officials and government staff, and turnout for a special election in April for one of the county commission seats was 6.78%.


It has been said you get the government you deserve, and if you won't participate in government then there's no telling what kind of government you will get.

Here, the chairman of the county Board of Commissioners is asking for your help. He has also asked for your help with how the county should spend American Rescue Plan of 2021 money from the federal government.

"We welcome input from any citizen of Whitfield County on their ideas," Jensen said.

On the zoning changes, should rabbits and chickens (but no roosters) be allowed to be kept by residents in some county areas?

Should workers able to store tools and work vehicles in their garages at home?

Residents can find all the proposed changes as well as a link to send your feedback on the county website (whitfieldcountyga.com).

They're asking for it. Give it to them.

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