Editorial: With Nov. 2 general election approaching, make sure you are registered to vote

The upcoming Nov. 2 locally doesn't have the glitz and controversy of 2020, when Democrat Joe Biden and Republican President Donald Trump were battling it out at the top of the ticket.

For local voters, there are no high profile national or state battles on the Nov. 2 ballot. For voters in Dalton and Whitfield County, they will have three races to vote on: Dalton City Council Ward 2: Annalee Harlan and Rodney Craig Miller; Dalton City Council Ward 4: Gary Crews and Steve Farrow; and the Dalton Board of Education: Palmer Griffin and Manuel Meza. All other positions in the election are uncontested.

Although the upcoming election doesn't have the allure of a presidential race, it is nonetheless extremely important.

The decisions our city councilmembers and school board representatives make immediately impact our lives. That's why it's important that you vote. But before you can vote, you must be registered to do so.

The deadline to register online to vote is Monday, Oct. 4. You can register at the Georgia Secretary of State's Office's website at sos.ga.gov or at the Board of Elections office in the Whitfield County Courthouse.

According to the Georgia Secretary of State's Office (georgia.gov/register-vote), to register to vote you must:

• Be a citizen of the United States.

• Be a legal resident of the county.

• Be at least 17 1/2 years of age to register and 18 years of age to vote.

• Not be serving a sentence for conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude.

• Have not been found mentally incompetent by a judge.

After you've made sure you are eligible to vote, you then fill out and submit a voter registration application, check for your precinct card and then vote.

Keep in mind that early voting runs Oct. 12-29, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Board of Elections office. There will also be two Saturdays during that time frame where the office will be open for early voting.

Being a part of the democratic process of voting is an honor we all should participate in. Please register to vote.

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