Letter: Courageous Joe

Under President Biden the unemployment rate in Georgia is a record low 2.8% and the U.S. rate of 4.2% is the lowest since President Trump mishandled the pandemic. Georgia has regained most of the jobs lost during the pandemic.

Some Republicans keep making delusional statements about the economy but federal government receipts last October were a record $284 billion, cutting the budget deficit $126 billion. American soldiers aren’t dying in Afghanistan.

Consumer confidence and spending are up despite inflation caused by Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic and tariffs. U.S. oil production is about 14% below where it was at the end of 2019 because the pandemic lowered demand. Wall Street is to blame for higher gas prices. Oil and gas companies are returning cash to shareholders, not spending it on increasing production. Trump didn’t pass an infrastructure bill but Biden’s provides Georgia $8.9 billion for highways and $302 million for bridges.

Trump’s failed tariff war and COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every aspect of the global supply chain. "Just-in-time” inventory practices by manufacturers themselves created production shortages. Deceitfully, Newsmax and Fox News aired out-of-date photos and empty store shelves from other countries attempting to blame Biden.

The Federal Reserve under Trump absolutely lost control of inflation by keeping interest rates so low for so long. The fear is not that they won’t be able to control inflation but now they may have to increase rates faster than otherwise needed, causing economic hardship and Instability.

U.S. population growth is now the lowest in history. Families can’t afford children. The Pew Research Center found that during the last four decades income growth for the top 5% of families far outpaced income growth for lower-income families. Federal Reserve data show the wealthiest 10% of Americans control $93.8 trillion while the remaining 90% of Americans control just $40.3 trillion. Republicans oppose Biden’s childcare proposals.

More than 800,000 have died of COVID-19. Vaccination resistance among rural areas, Trump supporters and in the South endangers America’s ability to control COVID-19. More people died under Trump than were born in 25 states in 2020. Obamacare participation is now at a record high.

Some conservative Christians want to convince you to spend eternity with them, but supporting Trump’s 30,573 falsehoods and “Big Lie” which led to the Jan. 6 insurrection would cast doubt as to where that would be.

David Bean


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