Letter: Experts, not opinions, should fuel public health policy

I am writing this letter in response to Whitfield County Commissioner Greg Jones’ position on the county’s funding of vaccination outreach. When a person is elected to a governmental position, his “personal” objections or opinions should not be a factor when making decisions regarding the health and welfare of the people he or she represents.

The recommendations of experts, particularly when it involves matters of protecting public health, should be the primary consideration when setting policy or taking action that affects others. There are a lot of us Mr. Jones represents who don’t care about his layman’s opinion as to how well the vaccination works or what action we should take to mitigate the spread of this deadly disease.

If I’m looking for an opinion regarding farming issues, I’ll consider Mr. Jones’ advice but to the best of my knowledge, he has no qualifications that would persuade me to follow his recommendations on medical issues. His comments are especially shameful in light of the pleas now coming from the local medical community for our help and support.

It’s time for this ridiculous debate to end. When a person’s actions or failure to act affect only them, then that’s their business but when your actions place me, my family or my friends in danger, then I object. You don’t want to get a vaccination or wear a mask? Fine. Stay at home. The rest of us would like to get back to normal.

Debby Peppers

Whitfield County Democratic Committee

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