Letter: Faith leaders must help in fight against COVID-19

Faith leaders must help in fight against COVID-19

Historically, when our community has a need that is not being filled by our government such as feeding the hungry or sheltering the homeless, the churches have stepped in to fill the void.

Right now, our community has one of the highest COVID-19 rates in the states. People in our community disregard public health guidelines. They continue to congregate, do not wear masks or social distance and our numbers continue to rise. Our state and local leaders refuse to speak up because they see this as a political issue that will bring criticism on their heads. But as we all know, this is a health issue that has been politicized.

Our faith leaders could help send a clear message to their congregations: caring for others does not mean a loss of liberty, we can minister to our neighbors and our community by limiting the number of people congregating in meetings, by wearing masks and socially distancing. The churches could step above the fray and urge their members to set an example of loving and caring for others.

As the most influential force in our community, our faith leaders can set the tone and turn the tide. We urge every church to discuss its role as leader and what that means to best serve all of us who are in need of protection from this deadly virus.

Debby Peppers

Whitfield County Democrats

Executive Committee

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