Letter: 'Fluff' projects won't receive the public's support

This is an open response to Lynn Laughter's column in the Dalton Daily Citizen-News on Sunday. How dare you say "Those who voted no indicated a preference for a property tax increase."

You are so out of touch with the residents of Whitfield County, why don't you resign? Commissioner Greg Jones is listening to the people and does not support a property tax increase. I campaigned and voted against the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) and I do not want a property increase.

Just because you failed to lead, assess and plan for the future needs of this county is not the residents' fault, yet now you want to punish us like we are idiots. Did you know Dalton is the least educated city in the nation? How can we increase the tax base with new businesses in this county with that negative little nugget?

Think progressively! Take some pointers from our surrounding counties and Tennessee to reach out and foster a positive concept about Whitfield County. Step out and build the tax base with new development and businesses instead of on the backs of residents. Research the numbers of residents that are currently leaving this county and taking their tax base with them. Work on figuring out why and fixing that problem.

We may have some legitimate needs in this county, but to ask citizens to pay for the proposed fluff will never get support.

Suzanne Albertson Baggett


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