Letter: Graves votes for globalism

Graves votes for globalism

Thanks very much to the newspaper for the letter from immigration expert D.A. King on my congressman's yes vote on what has become known as the "India First" bill. Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ranger, voted to change our immigration system for tech workers and where they come from. This was not to provide badly needed reforms, but instead to lend a hand to the billionaires of big tech. It is dirty, globalist business as usual in Washington, D.C.

As King pointed out, American tech workers are being cast aside and replaced by cheaper -- and less talented -- foreigners who will work for much less money. Imagine being told you must train your replacement in a job you love or you will not get your severance pay. It's despicable.

Tech companies may be celebrating that they can now more easily lay off American workers. Under the provisions of HR 1044, India would get more than 90% of the professional employment green cards for at least the next 10 years.

This is the direct opposite of the goals President Trump voiced during his campaign of "America First," which requires a deference to domestic employment. These tech jobs are not the low-skilled jobs that Americans supposedly "will not do."

While on the topic of Graves, let me also note that he has refused to sign the official English first bill, HR 997, which would make English our official national language. Does anyone remember him telling us he would be like this when he ran for office? Again, quite the opposite.

Voters paying attention will surely enjoy the explanations to these matters during the long August break, if Rep. Graves actually holds town hall meetings to hear from his curious constituents. That's a big if.

Denise Burns


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