Letter: Miller thanks supporters

I want to thank all of the people who voted for me for Dalton City Council, and especially thank those who volunteered and helped me throughout the campaign.

Back in the summer, it became apparent that no one else was going to challenge the incumbent in Ward 2. My wife said, "Are you willing to run and lose just to make a point about the statue and that march?" My answer was an emphatic "yes!" I am proud to have stood up for conservative values and offered people a real choice, something they rarely get in Dalton city elections.

Over the last two months, I faced censorship by various local media, a sustained campaign of theft and vandalism of my signs, and intimidation and threats. People told me to expect that, but it was jarring at times. The same crowd that preaches "love and tolerance" and "inclusion" are the biggest haters of them all -- starting with the fact that deep down they hate themselves.

To retain a mere City Council seat, my opponent spent tens of thousands and outspent me many times over, including buying TV spots during the World Series. (Her ads were right about one thing -- I do hate the mess progressives have made in this country.) The elite were clearly terrified that regular folks might turn out in objection to what has occurred over the past 19 months. However, despite my best effort, my campaign failed to turn out conservatives who don't usually vote in municipal elections. Overall, only a small fraction of the registered voters in Dalton turned out. The same bipartisan clique of "limousine liberals" voted that always do, and the result was predictable.

One reason I don't regret running are the new friends made, and all the wonderful people I met during seven weeks of door-to-door canvassing. Countless people told me their life stories, offered me water bottles, sweet tea, food, to use their restroom, and one man even invited me to a dinner party.

I will continue to stay active in the Whitfield County GOP and the local tea party. We should be thrilled about what happened on Election Day in Virginia and elsewhere. Keep the faith and -- and keep fighting!

Rod Miller


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