Letter: Questionable good

Questionable good

On an outing I came across a couple. While we walked the conversation turned from "ain't it awful" to who's at fault. The couple felt Trump had been abused. Before the conversation went much further I ask them how many newspapers they read daily/weekly, how many nonfiction books they had read in the last year and to name them and what television news program they watched? The answers were none, none and Fox, thereby, filling the intellectual vacuum with poisonous gas.

Are Trump's lies good for America?

Let's start with unemployment, which has all the fantasy of animated cartoons. If unemployment is low why is Georgia's November individual income tax revenue down 3.4% and corporate tax payments declining? Georgia's revenues have declined three of the first five months of the fiscal year. Georgia is among the top three states for filing bankruptcy.

Despite low unemployment many jobs don't pay well. Forty-four percent of Americans age 18-64 are low-wage workers. An estimated 53 million Americans have a median wage of $10.22 an hour, with a median annual salary of $17,950. Some 4.5% of Georgia's families earn less than $10,000 annually, the eighth highest rate in the nation. Personal loan debt now exceeds $300 billion at rates as high as 30%.

If the economy is doing so great then why did trucking giant Celadon declare bankruptcy throwing 3,200 drivers out of work? U.S. Commerce Department data shows Midwestern gross domestic product has slowed. In Iowa, John Deere experienced layoffs while 16 total states have higher unemployment. Gross domestic product growth remains below the second-quarter of 2018.

Why not tax the rich? The top 1% owns almost as much wealth as the middle class combined. Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett has $128 billion in unused money he can't seem to find a good investment for. The perpetual Republican scam is cutting taxes on the rich, declaring a budget deficit then start cutting government and social programs possibly Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats passed a bill to lower prescription drug prices that saves Medicare $345 billion over 10 years. Pelosi brokered the USMCA trade deal with Mexico over labor protection that could likely replace NAFTA. The Veterans Choice Program was signed by Obama.

Christianity Today, a magazine founded by the Rev. Billy Graham, called for Trump's removal noting his "blackened moral record." At least some evangelicals believe lies aren't good for America.

David Bean


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