Letter: Thanks to Trump for coming to Dalton

Thanks to President Trump for coming to Dalton

My thoughts on Trump's rally Monday:

My first Trump rally, and it was all I had expected! It began with pledging allegiance to our flag, singing the national anthem and a prayer to almighty God.

The crowd was a great example of how Trump has crossed the aisle in support of all Americans. There were Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, poor, rich, old, young, etc. All excited, all filled with hope for a better future, all patriotic. It was truly a joy to be around people who want to acknowledge our creator, protect our Constitution, have a strong military, who support our first responders, who want to stop the murder of the most innocent, who believe in the First and Second Amendments, school choice, border protection, lower taxes and smaller government.

Trump was his usual self, energetic and arrogant, spouting his accomplishments (as he can do) because he has followed through on his promises of lowering taxes, securing our borders, strengthening our military, protecting the lives of the unborn, supporting school choice, no new wars for four years, and the list goes on.

But what is most apparent in Trump's rhetoric is his sincere and deep love for America and Americans, especially the American worker and small businesses. Trump never leaves any doubt that he puts America first, her people first and her safety first.

It was a wonderful, exciting, happy, uplifting, joyous time last night. No brawls, no negative shouts, no death threats, just ordinary Americans supporting a president who loves them, loves America and has done more for them in four years than any other president in recent history.

A big thank you to Trump and his family and those who have fought for him and risked it all to try and save our country from a downward spiral of no return to socialism, communism and Marxism.

Rhoda Sims


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