Letter: Validating incompetence

The Kruger-Dunning Effect seemingly explains Donald Trump's behavior. It's a cognitive bias whereby incompetent people are unable to recognize their own incompetence. Commonly interpreted, they're intellectually limited, overestimate their ability and can't understand their mistakes. Trump's inability to understand his 10,796 falsehoods validates his incompetence.

Trump filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy for his companies six times. From 1985 to 1994 Trump lost $1.17 billion taking tax write-offs and paid no taxes for eight of the 10 years. Common sense tells patriotic Americans we need to see Trump's tax returns to check for Russian money, tax and/or bank fraud.

Eight years. Falsehoods, a questionable medical deferment and dodging taxes dishonors God, America and our military. Democratic-voting states pay more federal taxes per capita to support the military and border security than Republican states. Misappropriating the military's $2.5 billion for the wall endangers military preparedness against countries with actual armies, not Hispanic migrants just wanting a job.

The Washington Post, long known for the truth, fact-checks Trump. While at the Post Bob Woodward co-authored "All The President's Men," foreshadowing President Richard Nixon's resignation. Bob wrote "Fear: Trump in the White House," which inaccurate White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called "fabricated stories," but Trump's own "swamp people" called him either an idiot, dope, moron or unhinged. Former adviser Gary Cohn called Trump "dumb as (expletive)." Former Secretary Rex Tillerson substantiated Trump's presidential incompetence and Trump having issued illegal directives.

Some 17.3% of "Trumpland" Texans doesn't have health insurance while only 2.8% in liberal Massachusetts doesn't. Americans have $1 trillion in medical debt. Trump tried to abolish Obamacare but, most Republicans support Medicare for all citizens.

Trump said Mexico would pay for a wall and China would pay for the tariff. But American importers pay the tariff then pass the cost to you. Want proof? Larry Kudlow, Trump's chief economic adviser, said that American consumers would bear the burden of the escalating trade war. The trade deficit with China has risen 29.7% and exports to China dropped 24.3%. Farm incomes dropped last year to $63.1 billion, about half the $123.4 billion in 2013 under Obama. AT&T said Trump's tax cut would create jobs but, laid off 23,000 workers.

The evidence against Trump in Mueller's report supports impeachment. Hasn't common sense taught everybody Trump is incompetent or have Trump's supporters proven the Kruger-Dunning Effect true?

David Bean


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