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CHATSWORTH -- No, you're not seeing double.

Murray County High School's Adam and Shawn Corral are identical twins. They embrace it, too.

"We're so used to it," Adam, who plays running back and linebacker, said. "People usually ask if we can read each other's minds. Or they'll ask if they hit one of us, can the other person feel it."

The answer is no, but the companionship between the two seniors has led to something special. Throughout the years, they have always had one another to lean on, and well, to play football with.

"It's like having a best friend all the time," said Shawn, also a running back and a cornerback.

In addition to football, the two have much in common, like a love for video games, and they said the most time they spend away from one another is when they have different classes during school. Shawn thinks there are some other differences, including him being slightly smaller than his brother.

"I think I'm more nice," said Shawn. "And he's got a little bit of a more meaner side to him -- like aggressive."

For Murray County coach Chad Brewer, it can be difficult to tell the two apart.

"I've pretty much called them the wrong name the whole time," he said. "They are probably used to it, but they don't say a whole lot so I think it's OK. When I get their names correct, that's probably more of a shock.

"I have to use their numbers to tell them apart, especially in practice because they are just so similar."

This is not the first time Brewer has coached twins. The Indians have another set of twins on the team this year in junior linemen Gabriel and Gonzalo Mena, and at one point, Brewer said, he coached three sets at the same time, and his wife, Kristy, is an identical twin herself.

"I've had a bunch of them over the years, and we've had some that play different positions, too," Brewer said. "I kind of know all about it and come from twin-world."

The Indians (3-3, 1-3 in Region 6-3A) have enjoyed a better season this year after going winless last season. They travel tonight to face Ringgold in another region game at 7:30 p.m.

There hasn't been anything too complicated that has caused the turnaround, Adam said.

"Just showing up on time and putting effort in," he said.

Brewer says the duo has done that.

"They've played all four years, and we've tried our best to get them on the field in multiple positions," he said. "They are the kind of kids you want in your program because they are real dedicated and real committed. I don't know if they've ever missed a practice, ever.

"I'm so glad they are seeing some success from that during their senior year."

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